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Harvey Brothers

Harvey Brothers
200 Main
Zanesville, OH

Melville Clark Harvey
(1855 - 1913)
Edmund W Harvey
(1861 - )

Sources: US census, city directories, newspaper item as noted

1855 Feb

Ohio, state records, Melville Clark Harvey is born
1861 Aug
Ohio, state records, Edmund W Harvey is born
Zanesville, OH, city directory neither brother is listed
1886 Apr 19
Zanesville, OH, Times Recorder news item Harvey Brothers at 200 Main st, Burgess block
1888 Jun 27
Zanesville, OH, Times Recorder news item Harvey Brothers Cabinet Cards 50 cents a dozen
1889 Nov 05 and Nov 19
Zanesville, OH, Times recorder small mention of Harvey Bros, the photographers

Zanesville, OH, city directory as photographers, M Clark Harvey and Edmund W Harvey; res and bus at 200 Main
Zanesville, OH, city directory Clark Harvey as Laborer; res e s Putnam av bet Madison and VanBuren; Edmund Harvey NOT listed
Zanesville, OH, city directory NOT listed
1895 Aug 14
Zanesville, OH, Times Recorder small mention “Our photographer has removed his gallery from this place
1900 Jun 02
Zanesville, OH, city directory, US census, M Clark Harvey as wks A E Tile co or Glazier Tile Works; res ss Prospect av, 116 Prospect av; Not listed in business pages
1900 Jun 04
Logansport City, OH, US census Edmund Harvey as traveling salesman; res 102 8th st
Zanesville, OH, city directory, M Clark Harvey as wks Roseville Pottery; res 116 Prospect; Edmund not listed

Zanesville, OH, city directory, M Clark Harvey as woks Zanesville Stoneware Co; Edmund NOT listed
Zanesville, OH, city directory, Edmund Harvey as grocer; res Shawnee av
Zanesville, OH, city directory, as grocer; Shawnee ave S Z; res same
Zanesville, OH, city directory, as reporter for Bradstreet Co; res So Zanesville
1913 Mar 24
Zanesville, OH, FindAGrave website, Melville Clark Harvey dies at home, 116 Prospect av, of Bright’s Disease at age 58
1920 Jan 02
Springfield, OH, US census as Manager Mercantile agency; res Shawnee av
1930 Apr 05
Springfield, OH, US census as salesman’ res 45 Shawnee av

It appears the Harvey brothers were in business together as photographers for a shot time only. Records show only 1886 to 1895 for their studio at 200 Main. Then both go into other fields of employment and never return to photography

Zanesville (OH) Times Recorder - 19 Apr 1886

Zanesville (OH) Times Recorder - 24 Jun 1887

Zanesville (OH) Times Recorder - 03 Apr 1888

Zanesville (OH) Times Recorder - 27 Jun 1888

Zanesville (OH) Times Recorder - 19 Nov 1889

Zanesville (OH) Times Recorder - 26 Apr 1895

Zanesville (OH) Times Recorder - 14 Feb 1908

Zanesville (OH) Times Recorder - 25 Mar 1913

Zanesville (OH) Times Recorder - 08 Nov 1913

photographer: Harvey Bros
Zanesville, OH
example from auction site
(poor scan)

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