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Samuel A Rich

Rich's New Gallery
99 Main Street
Zanesville, OH

Samuel A Rich
(1835 - 1894)
Elizabeth Scamyhorn Rich
(1834 - 1901)

1835 circa

Maine, Samuel A Rich is born (sources are varied on birth date)
Ohio, 1880 US census, Elizabeth Scamyhorn Rich is born
1853 Feb 03
99 Main st occupied by Conrade and Brother shoes
1860 Jul 17
Brooks, Maine, US census S A Rich as sailor (connection weak)
1870 Jun 09
Zanesville, OH, US census S A Rich as photographer, Elizabeth Rich as keeping house
Zanesville, OH, city directory Mrs S A Rich as photographer 13 n 5th ; res same; listed in both residential and business pages; (Samuel A Rich NOT listed at all)
Zanesville, OH, city directory as photographer at 13 n 5th; res same

1880 Jun 02
Zanesville, OH, US census, S A Rich and Mrs Elizabeth Rich listed as photographers; res 5th st
Zanesville, OH, city directory, Mrs S A Rich as photographer at 13 ½ n 5th; S A Rich as photographer at 103 Main (possibly a printing error as other documents say 101 Main)
1886 Oct 15-20
99 Main occupied by Harry S Bryant Merchant Tailor
Zanesville, OH, city directory S A Rich as photographer at 101 Main; res 13 Hamline
Zanesville, OH, city directory S A Rich no occupation shown; res 13 Hamline
1894 Apr 17
Zanesville, OH, FindAGrave website, S A Rich dies
Zanesville, OH, city directory Mrs Elizabeth Rich as widow; res 13 Hamline
1895 Apr 12 - 1898 Jan 08
Newspaper ads show Blankenbuhler Easter novelties were at 99 Main st

1898 Dec 12
Newspsper ad shows Muntz Photo Studio occupies 99 Main
Zanesville, OH, US census, Mrs S A Rich as boarder, no occupation shown
1901 Feb 04
Zanesville (OH) Daily Courier, obituary transcript from FindAGrave website

The cabinet card at the top of this page is imprinted “Rich’s New Gallery” at “99 Main street” but no documentation has been found placing the studio at that address. Researching the 99 Main address, newspaper ads indicate that it was a shoe or clothing store between 1853 and 1886. Perhaps the “New” gallery was between 1890, the last mention of the gallery at 101 Main and 1892 when he died. 99 Main would be NEXT DOOR to 101 Main. More ads show that Blankenbuhler Novelties was occupying that address in 1895 and Muntz Photo Studio 1896.

So it’s only a guess but this cabinet card was possibly done between 1890 and 1892. Judging by the style of the card, and its rather sloppy assembly, it could be much earlier, around 1870.

The Zanesville (OH) Times Recorder -
15 Oct 1886

The Zanesville (OH) Times Recorder -
03 Aug 1888

The Zanesville (OH) Times Recorder -
26 Apr 1896

Muntz & Pack page

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