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Ebbin Orrin Schumaker

Photographer: Schumaker
92 East Main Street
Battle Creek, Mich

Ebbin Orrin Schumaker
(1866 - 1954)

E O Schumaker apparently lived in Battle Creek, MI, all his life.

Sources: US census, city directories, Early Michigan Photographers by David V Tinder (noted as EMP in the timeline below) Note: ALL entries are Battle Creek, MI, unless otherwise shown.

1866 Jun 03
Battle Creek, MI, Ebbin Orrin Schumaker is born to Delevan Schumaker and Jennette Dodge
1882 - 1885
EMP, at about age 16 Ebbin begins working as retoucher for other photographers
EMP opens his own studio in portable building at 92 East Main, Battle Creek, MI
1888 Nov 14
city records marriage to Lavinia Wamsley
1894- 1895
EMP partners with Earl A Waterbury
EMP, moves studio to 103 w Main

city directory as photographer at 103 Main; res 56 Beach
city records Ebbin and Lavinia have divorced and Lavinia marries Charles Wesley Woodring
city records Ebbin marries Francis B Sturdevant
city directory as photographer at 103 Main; res 108 Main
US census as photographer; res 176 South av
city directory Ebbin is listed as photographer; res 38 Beach with wife Frances
city directory Ebbin employed at Kellogg Toasted Corn Flake co; res 38 Beach with wife Frances
city directory Ebbin NOT shown but wife frances B is listed at 167 Kingman
city directory Ebbin NOT shown but wife Frances B is listed at 18 11th

city directory Ebbin NOT shown but wife Frances B is listed at 244 Marshal
city directory as retoucher for Owl Drug
EMP Ebbin works as photographer for Arcade Portrait Studio, room 52 of The Arcade
1932 - 1937
EMP, Ebbin works as salesman for sweeping compound
1938 - 1941
EMP, Ebbin works as retoucher for Owl Drug Company photo department
1942 - 1944
EMP, Ebbin works as retoucher for several studios
1954 Oct 11
Ebbin Orrin Schumaker dies in Battle Creek, MI (see full obituary below)

It is speculation only, but his drop out in the 1924-1927 city directories might have been the period Ebbin was working a traveling job for Grand Trunk Railroad. Ebbin and Frances had parted ways by then.

The Cabinet card here must have been done between 1886 and 1898, but not during 1894-1895 when he was partners with Earl A Waterbury.

The Battle Creek (WI) Enquirer - 24 Jan 1943

The Battle Creek Enquirer - 11 Oct 1954

photographer: Schumaker
Battle Creek, MI
example from auction site

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