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James C. Adams

Photographer: J. C. Adams
108 Broadway, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Photographer: J. C. Adams
135 Broadway, Fort Wayne, Ind.

One could almost make a case that there were two men named J. C. Adams in the northern part of Indiana near Fort Wayne, around the turn of the nineteenth century. It doesn’t help that in FOUR census reports, he calls himself a farmer while historical accounts of him and his own death certificate describe him as a photographer. But, similarity in addresses, birthplaces of parents and the names of his wife and children, seem to make the farmer also the photographer.

It appears he started out as a farmer living next door to his father, William Adams, a Brick mason in Harrison Township, Blackford County, IN. In 1890 James Adams was learning photography as an artist with the Wm. Salzmann studio in Fort Wayne, IN, just 40 miles north of Blackford County. In 1892, his daughter was born in Bluffton, IN, 20 miles south of Fort Wayne. Then he moved another 20 miles south, back to Harrison Township, Blackford County in 1900.

By 1910 he is living next door in the same Blackford County in Washington Township, Hartford City, IN, where he maintained his photography studio. His farm land may well have been in the rural Harrison Township while he maintained residence in Hartford City in Washington Township.

James C. Adams
(3 Mar 1856 - 21 Sep 1927)

Born in Indiana
married Mary Schwartzkopf
US census as farmer in Harrison Township, Blackford County, IN (where Hartford City is)
NOT in Fort Wayne city directory
Fort Wayne, IN, city directory as artist with Wm Salzmann photo studio, res 64 Force
Fort Wayne, IN, city directory as photographer at 135 Broadway
birth of daughter Mary Laverna Adams in Bluffton, IN, halfway between Fort Wayne and Hartford, IN (Source Mary Adams death certificate)
1893 - 1895
NOT in Fort Wayne, IN, city directory
Operates as photographer in Hartford City, IN (Indiana Historical Society)
1895 - 1903
photo studio at 401 S Jefferson st (Indiana Historical Society)

This is not likely to be our photographer:
Fort Wayne Sentinel (IN) - 18 Sep 1880

US census as Farmer in Harrison Township, Blackford County, IN (no street address shown)
1905 - 1916
photo studio at 209 ½ N Jefferson st Hartford City, Blackford, IN (Indiana Historical Society)
US census as Farmer 438 Spring in Hartford City, IN
(The house was located at the junction of three streets, Spring, Patterson and Williams. The census enumerator apparently got the house number correct but placed it on Spring rather than Patterson.)
Hartford City city directory as farmer at 438 E Patterson
US census as farmer 438 Patterson in Hartford City, IN
death certificate as photographer at 438 E Patterson in Hartford City, IN

Sources: Fort Wayne city directory 1890. 1891
Hartford City city directory 1911 (only one available)
Find-A-Grave website
Blackford County/ Photographers Collection, CA. 1880–1939
US census 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920
Death Certificates

This is not James Adams either.
Argos(IN) Reflector - 2 Apr 1891

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