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Albert H Hall

Photographer: Hall’s Studio
Chatsworth, Ills

Photographer: Hall’s Studio
Chatsworth, Ills

Albert H Hall (10 Apr 1849 - 05 Feb 1888)

1849 Apr 10
Born in Parkman, ME and moved west with family to Chatsworth, IL.
(History of Livingston) moved to Chicago, IL, to learn photography from Peterson Brothers.
1872 Mar 01
(History of Livingston) moved back to Chatsworth, IL, opens photograph and gem studio
1888 Feb 05
Death at Chatsworth, IL

Albert H. Hall was a photographer all his life. He began in Chatsworth, IL, in 1872 and was dead at 39 in 1888. The cabinet cards on the left would have been done between 1872 and 1888.

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The History of Livingston County (1878)

photographer: A H Hall
5th Ave, Chatsworth, IL
Example from auction site

reverse of the card at left

Train wreck photograph credited to A H Hall

photographer: A H Hall
Chatsworth, IL
Example from, source not known

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