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Alma Alfred Pelot

Photographer: Pelot & Cole
Augusta, GA
Also listed under Cole

Alma Alfred Pelot and James Devore Cole were business partners for many years but were also related so a timeline combining both is presented here.

Alma Alfred Pelot (1840 – 1909)
James Devore Cole (1843 – 1907)

1840 Sep 07
Alma Alfred Pelot born in Alabama to Joseph Alma Pelot and Elizabeth R. Parker
1843 Nov 08
James Devore Cole is born in South Carolina to James Daniel Cole and Hetty Habersham Pelot (Alma Alfred Pelot’s aunt)
Charlston, SC, city directory lists Alma A. Pelot as Daguerrean Artist at 230 King Street, living with parents
US census has Alma A. Pelot as clerk in Charleston, SC, living with parents
Alma Pelot enlists in Confederate army
no records found for Alma Pelot; James Cole marries Elizabeth Pauline Dugas (1843-1903)
1869 through 1890
Alma A. Pelot found on Augusta, GA, Property Tax digests; he appears

to have never owned any real estate.
US census Alma Pelot and James Cole both listed as photographers; both in Richmond, GA; Pelot living with cousins and Cole living with his in-laws, Dugas
Augusta, GA, city directory Alma Pelot listed as photographer; first mention of Pelot and Cole partnership; studio apparently is at 192 Broad
August, SC, death index, brother William Pelot dies of consumption; listed as photographer
US census Alma Pelot listed as photographer living with Aunt Hetty Cole; J. D. Cole listed as photographer living with in-laws Dugas at 624 Broad, Augusta, GA
Atlanta Constitution, Augusta news item; Pelot and Cole declare bankruptcy, but apparently continue in business
1883 to 1905
Augusta, GA, city directory listings show Alma Pelot and James Cole as photographers
US census Alma Pelot listed as photographer, living with cousins

Augusta, GA, city directory lists Alma Pelot as photographer but not as Pelot and Cole
1907 Nov 08
Augusta, GA, James Devore Cole dies in Atlanta, GA
1909 Dec 13
Alma Alfred Pelot dies in Augusta, GA

Then oddly, this record:
Augusta, GA city directory shows ALBERT A Pelot operating as photographer, living at 436 Reynolds. The name is found only in the residence section and not in the business section indicating ALBERT Pelot probably was working at someone else’s studio. Since neither ALMA Pelot nor his two brothers, Eugene or William, ever married, there are no sons or nephews by that name. So far no cousin has been found by that name either.

It appears that the two, A. A. Pelot and J. D. Cole operated as partners from about 1870 to 1907 when Cole died. Brother William J W Pelot probably assisted in the studio until his death in 1879. So far, no studio addresses have been found so narrowing the date range of any photograph is limited.

CDV credited to Pelot and Cole
example from Hunting and Gathering

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