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Bishop Brothers

Photographer: Bishop Bros.
Altoona, PA.
example from LOST GALLERY
Henry Theodore Bishop (1853-1917) and three sons, James E. (1860-), Theodore (1852-) and William N.(1849-) were all photographers working mainly in Philadelphia, Altoona and Chambersburg, PA, and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Studios were named Bishop, H. T. Bishop, and Bishop Bros.

The most consistent of these was Henry Theodore Bishop who remained in the photography business for many years.

News item shows H T Bishop opened a studio in Lansing, MN, in February of 1904

The Obituary of H T Bishop shows that he was working in Minneapolis, MN from about 1892 to 1907. He then moved to Austin, MN, and continued there until his death in 1917.
It appears there were as many as five other photographers named Bishop around the turn of the 19th century. Only one, Isaac R. Bishop actually worked in the Philadelphia area. Others were in Connecticut, Wisconsin, Massachusetts and Washington DC.

There is some additional information at
Cabinet Card Gallery
Bower county Transcript - 19 Feb 1904

Altoona {PA}Transcript - 16 Jan 1917

photographer: H T Bishop
Minneapolis, MN
example from auction site

photographer: H T Bishop
Minneapolis, MN
example from vtg antiques

photographer: Bishop Bros.
Syndicate Block, Minneapolis, MN
Example from Cabinet Card Gallery

reverse of card at left

photographer: H T Bishop
Syndicate Block, Minneapolis, MN
example from

photographer: James E Bishop
905 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D C
example from auction site
(Ant connection to H T Bishop or Bishop brothers is unknown at this time)

reverse of card at left

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