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Clifton Church

Clifton Church
Dallas, Texas

Clifton Church
(17 Ma7 1855 - 6 Apr 1943)

Clifton Church was born in Massachusetts, worked in Dallas, TX, for 22 years and then returned to Massachusetts to retire. One could almost believe it was two different people. His date and place of birth and wife’s name and age are the same in all records however. And the Superman/Clark Kent rule comes into play. When he’s in one state, he’s not in the other.

What drew him to Dallas, TX, from Massachusetts is unknown.

1855 May 17
born in Fairhaven, MA
as salesman in wool store
1886 - 1888
not in Dallas, TX, city directory
marries Kate M. Dickson a resident of Dallas, TX
living at the home of widow Miranda A. Morrill, 424 Ross, Dallas, TX

1891 - 1894
as photographer at 278 Elm; res 318 Ross, Dallas, TX
1896 - 1898
as photographer at 278 Elm; res 159 State, Dallas, TX
as photographer; res 159 State, Dallas, TX
1901 - 1905
as photographer at 336 Elm; res 159 State, Dallas, TX
1904 - 1906
Clifton is the president of the Dallas Art Association
as photographer at 336 Elm; bds at 442 Ross, Dallas, TX
as photographer boarding at 442 Ross, Dallas, TX; not in business section
in Brookline, MA, city directory at 1661 Beacon, Bookline, MA
1908 - 1909
NOT in the Dallas city directory; no 1909 Brookline, MA, city directory available

1910 Apr 29
US census as no occupation at 511 Ross av, Dallas, TX
Brookline, MA, city directory at 1661 Beacon, no occupation listed; They keep a residence in Dallas, TX, at 511 Ross av
Brookline, MA, city directory at 23 Claflin, wife Kate at 1661 Beacon
1914 - 1927
resident at 23 Claflin, no occupation given
1927 Jun 28
wife Katherine dies
1928 - 1934
no occupation given, at 23 Claflin
1935 - 1943
no occupation given, at 30 Summer, living with older brother
1943 Apr 06
dies at age 87 in Northhampton, MA

This cabinet card was made in that period of 18 years he operated as a photographer, between 1888 and 1906.

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