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D G Clark

Photographer: D. G. Clark
Goodland Kas
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No biographical information was found for D. G. Clark. Searches on found nothing. As would be expected there were a number of people by that name in the cabinet card era, they were listed as farmer, cigar salesman, teacher and retired. No connection to photography was found.

Some mentions were found in the Goodland Newspaper, The Republic, from 1892 to 1896. The last item is a short statement that D. G. Clark and family have moved to Boulder, CO, and will be living there.

The cabinet card here must have been finished before January of 1896 when he left Goodland.

All items from the Goodland (KS) Republic newspaper
12 Feb 1892

08 Apr 1892

29 Apr 1892

09 Feb 1894

30 Nov 1894

03 Jan 1896

Goodland, KS, is only 172 miles from Holdrege, NE. It's a good possibility that this is the same Clark. But maybe not.

photographer: Clark
Holdrege, NE
example from auction site

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