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Photographer: Clay & Walker
Marlin, Texas
(also listed under Clay)

There appears to be more than twenty Walkers living in Marlin, Texas, around a time that would be possible for the photographer in question. Unfortunately, these are only Public Record Indexes so no other information is available on them. And there are seven city directory mentions of Walkers that are photographers about the right era, living in the southern Texas area but none of them in Marlin. No connections have been made so far to any photographer named Clay. (See Clay)

Sisters Clara and Geneva Clay were well known photographers on the east coast of the US. So far, there is not much evidence to tie them to Marlin, a small town just north of Houston, Texas.

No city directory listings or census enumerations have been found for a Photographer Clay in or around Marlin, Texas, which suggests at best, that the partnership of Clay and Walker might have been short.

Examples will be collected here on this page and perhaps some connection will be discovered.

photographer: Miller and Walker
Marlin and Groesbeck, TX
example from auction site
This is probably the same Walker

This the list gathered so far, of possible photographers named Walker and approximate dates they might have been in Texas.
(source: Catching Shadows, David Haynes)

Walker, Mrs E S
1966-1968 Jefferson TX

Walker, George B
1890-1891 Marlin, TX (TSG)

Walker, John
1900 Robertson County, TX (Census)

Walker, Sidney
1900 (census)

Walker, William T
1892 Cuero, TX (TSG)
1892 Victoria, TX (TSG)
1896-1897 Brenham, TX (TSG)
1900 Robertson County, TX (census)

Hughes and Walker
1874 Williamson County, TX (tax list)

Whitley (S R) and walker
1870 Iron Mountain, Rusk Co, TX (tax list)

Note: William T Walker and John Walker were both in Robertson County in the 1900 census.

photographer: Geo H Walker
Reisel, TX
example from Geneosity.Com

reverse of card at left
(example highly restored from very poor scan)

photographer; Lou R Walker
Marion, KY?
example from Piercevaubel

photographer: Walker
Brenham, TX
example from auction site

Not the one you were looking for? Here's the photographer's INDEX by name. Listed here are all the Cabinet Card photographers of the 19th century found in LOST GALLERY. This is a work in progress. For a look at the original postings go to LOST GALLERY.

Some examples on this page have been enhanced or restored for clarity and presentation here.

This page is free for educational and research purposes only but, as always, if the original owner of any of these examples objects to the use on this page, they will be immediately removed.

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