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Daniel H Hamilton

Photographer: New Hamilton Art Gallery
Fort Wayne, Indiana

The New Hamilton Gallery in Fort Wayne, IN, was probably operated by Daniel H. Hamilton.
(12 May 1836 - 3 Oct 1891)

US census shows a Daniel H Hamilton, born in New York, as “photographer” in New Castle, IN, with wife Emma, born 1848 in Iowa, listed as a “Portrait Painter”.
The Fort Wayne, IN, city directories for 1872 through 1875 do not include Hamilton. The 1876 Fort Wayne, IN, is unavailable. This means that Hamilton did not arrive in Fort Wayne, IN, until late 1876 or early 1877.
Fort Wayne, IN, city directory as photographer at se corner of Calhoun and Columbia; Jones not listed this year
Fort Wayne, IN, city directory as photographer at se corner of Calhoun and Columbia; also same directory lists Hamilton and Jones
photographers at same address

1879 Dec
Fort Wayne (IN) Sentinel Jones and Hamilton running separate ads
US census shows a D. H. Hamilton, born in New York, as “artist” in Fort Wayne, IN, with wife Emma, born 1846 in Iowa, listed as “Keeping house”.
1882 and 1883
Detroit, MI, city directories say he has a studio a 204 Woodward
Detroit, MI, city directory as photographer at 50 Macomb av
1886 until his death in 1891
Grand Rapids, MI, as photographer at 79 Canal

In 1889 Daniel H. Hamilton is listed in both the Grand Rapids, MI, city directory and the Milwaukee, WI, city directory. The two cities are 113 miles apart, straight across Lake Michigan. He apparently had a studio in both cities at the same time.

An obituary on Find-A-Grave website says that Daniel H. Hamilton was born in New York, died 3 Oct 1891 in Grand Rapids, MI. But his wife in this document is named Elizabeth, also a photographer. This is probably an error. There were several wives named Elizabeth Hamilton around this time but none of them were photographers and none of them were in the right geographical location.

The Michigan Death Records shows a Daniel H. Hamilton, photographer, born in New York, died Oct 3, 1891 of heart disease. This record says the names of his wife and parents are “Unknown” .

Daniel H. Hamilton dies in 1891 but his wife Emma carries on the studio at 79 Canal in Grand Rapids, MI until about 1912.

The cabinet card here was probably finished between 1877 and 1886 when he left Fort Wayne, and moved to Grand Rapids, MI.

photographer: Hamilton
70 Canal Street, Grand Rapids, MI
example from Pinterest no source mentioned

photographer: Hamilton
Muskegon, MI
example from auction site

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