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Daniel Philip Sink

Photographer: D. P. Sink
South Main St.
Vernon, Texas

Photographer: D. P. Sink
Vernon, Texas

The right example was probably much later than the left example. Scalloped edges and pastel color mounting board did not become popular until around 1890-1900.

Daniel Philip Sink
(1846 - 1931)

1846 Sep 26
Davidson, NC, state records, Daniel Philip Sink is born to Philip and Mary Sink
From “Find a Grave” bio, Sink and family move to Calvert, TX
1884 Jan 18
Vernon, TX, not all records agree on date, D P Sink and Mary M Smith are married
1888 Aug 09
Vernon, TX, state records, son Daniel Philip Sink JR is born
1889 March
From “Find a Grave” bio, Sink and family move to Vernon, TX; opens photography studio in a tent in center town
1891 Oct 31
Vernon, TX, state records, daughter Mary Constance Sink is born
1894 Jun 18
Vernon, TX, state records, daugher Marguerite Gilliand Sink is born

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1896 Nov 25
Vernon, TX, state records, son Francis Jacob Sink is born
1898 Nov 04
Vernon, TX, state records, son Paul Burton Sink is born
1900 Jun 07
Vernon, TX, US census, D P Sink as photographer; res Marshall street
1918 Jul 12
Vernon (TX) Record news item says Sink sold South Main studio to R. B. Clifton
1918 Oct 08
Vernon (TX) Record news item says Sink and family moved to California, apparently does not go into business again
1930 Apr 04
Los Angeles, CA, US census, D P Sink no occupation given
1931 Jan 31
Los Angeles, CA, Find a Grave web site, Daniel Philip Sink dies

All data is from US Census, newspaper items. Find-A-Grave website and city directories

Vernon Record - 15 Feb 1918

Vernon (TX) Record - 19 Apr 1918

Vernon (TX) Record - 12 Jul 1918

Vernon (TX) Record - 02 May 1919

Vernon (TX) Record - 08 Oct 1918

Vernon (TX) Record - 04 Feb 1919

Vernon (TX) Record - 07 Feb 1919

photographer: D P Sink
Calvert, TX
example from auction site
This one would have been finished around 1878

photographer Sink
Vernon, TX
example from auction site

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