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Duane. W Dowe

Photographer: D. W. Dowe

Duane W Dowe moved around several times, had various partners, went in and out of the photography business more than once. A cabinet card with an imprinted address should be fairly easy to date. This card, however, shows no address. The blind stamp imprint and the style of the card would indicate post 1900.

Duane. W. Dowe
Sources; city directories, US census, Reno State Journal

(According to the death certificate) Documents do not agree on his birth date, 1900 US census gives 1848 based on the age he gave at the time, California Voter Registration lists 1849 and the 1920 US census gives 1863. All other factors (name, location, origin, relatives) agree however so it must be the same person; Birth in New York to Perkins Dowe and Lucy E Rifenberg
San Francisco, CA, city directory as artist with McDonald and Dowe at 1025 Market; res 1216 Mission
San Francisco, CA, city directory las Photographer
San Francisco, CA, city directory listed as Photographer with A. W. Dowe (brother)
California voter registration res San Luis Obispo, CA
Duane Dowe marries Maisie E Schofield

1890 Apr 26
Reno (NV) State Journal news item Riffenburg and Dowe are erecting a photograph gallery at the corner of Front and Virginia sts;
1890 Nov 10
Reno (NV) Gazette News item mentions Rifenberg & Dowe of Reno, Tuscarora and Elko
San Francisco, CA, city directory shows Lewis Dowe as manufacturer of photographic specialties at 410 Kearney and A W Dowe as Portrait Artist
1891 may 03
Reno (NV) State Journal news item Swisher and Bender take of the gallery of Rifenberg and Dowe
1892 Feb 13, 20
(Nevada State Journal) news item mentioning portraits by Dowe’s Gallery
1899 May 11, 15, 16
(Albuquerque, NM citizen) Ad for photographs, two dollars per dozen
1899 Sep 03, 16, 23, 40
Flagstaff, AZ, newspaper ad D W Dowe, the San Francisco photographer has opened Dowe’s Gallery opposite the courthouse;
1900 Jun 12
Solano, CA, US census and CA voter registration as photographer at Solano, CA
1900 Dec 07
San Francisco (CA) Examiner news story says daughter Lurline dies in a tragic fire

1903 Sep 24, Oct 01
Feather River (Quincy, CA) small item about setting up In Quincy, CA starting Oct 5
1903 Oct 29
Feather River (Quincy, CA) news item about appearing in Taylorsville Nov 05
1904 Nov 12, 16
Arizona (Yuma) Sentinel D W Dowe Intending opening studio in Yuma, AZ
1904 Nov 23
Arizona (Yuma) Sentinel) D W Dowe, the San Francisco photographer will open business in Yuma
Winters, CA, US census as photographer with wife May V (probably Maisie), married 6 years
1910 Jul 19
Los Angeles (CA) Herald news item Arthur W Dowe patents a lock
Vallejo, CA, city directory as photographer in Suisun City, CA
1911 Apr 17
Feather River (Quincy, CA) small display ads mentioning Dow visits to Quincy in May, Johnsonville in June
1911 Apr 13, 17, 24, 27; May 01, 04, 11, 15;
Feather River (Quincy, CA) small display ads; no address given
1911 May 10
Plumas Independent (Quincy, CA) small item mentions Dowe to be open May 12

--- Continued in next row --

1912 Apr 11
Oakland (CA) Tribune, Norman E Schofield, father of Mrs D W Dowe, dies in Oakland

Oakland (CA) Tribune - 11 Apr 1912

1912 Oct 27
Oakland (CA) Tribune, Wife of D W Dowe attempts suicide (Note: Although the newspaper accounts list the husband as “W D” and “W E” Dowe instead of W D Dowe, the article also mentions he is in the photography business.)
Vallejo, Solano, CA city directory as photographer, rooming in Vallejo, CA
California Voter Registration as photographer
1917 May 24
Feather River (Quincy, CA) small item about opening a studio with brother A W Dowe in Quincy, CA, on Saturday, May 26
San Francisco, CA, US census as Promoter for Mines; 1020 Natoma st; Arthur Dowe (brother) at same address as Artist in photography; May Baldwin (sister) at same address; census taker appears to have faked the parents origins
San Francisco, CA city directory at 1020 Mina, Duane Dowe is living with his brother Arthur W Dowe, Artist; no occupation given for Duane

San Francisco, CA city directory at 1020 Mina, as living with Arthur W Dowe, Artist; no occupation given for Duane
San Francisco, CA city directory as “storekeeper’ at US Customs (This is not likely to be the photographer Dowe although it would be unusual to have someone with the same initials and name in the same vicinity.)
1927 Apr 17
Duane W Dowe dies in Los Angeles Soldiers Home (death cert)

The death certificate was found by an anonymous commenter and the page was updated accordingly. (see comment section)

Reno Nevada State Journal - 26 Apr 1890

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Reno {NV} State Journal - 03 May 1891

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Feather River Bulletin (Quincy, NV) - 08 Oct 1903

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Arizona Sentinel - 30 Nov 1904

Los Angeles Herald - 19 Jul 1910

Feather River Bulletin (Quincy, NV) - 17 Apr 1911

Plumas Independent - 10 May 1911

Oakland Tribune - 27 Oct 1912

Feather River Bulletin - 17 May 1917

Feather River Bulletin - 24 May 1917

Dowe would be 74 at the time of this news item.

Not the one you were looking for? Here's the photographer's INDEX by name. Listed here are all the Cabinet Card photographers of the 19th century found in LOST GALLERY. This is a work in progress. For a look at the original postings go to LOST GALLERY.


  1. There is a Duane W Dowe who died in the Los Angeles Soldiers Home in April 1927, who's listed as a photographer. He was buried at the National Cemetery in Los Angeles. There is a findagrave memorial for him.

    1. Thanks for the help! I updated the bio accordingly.


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