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Edward Bennen Peddinghaus

Photographer: E. B. Peddinghaus
2018 First Ave. Birmingham, Ala.

This one may not actually be a cabinet card. It is just close to cabinet card size and the position on the card is similar.

Edward Bennen or Benner or Beneur Peddinghaus
(23 Jul 1861 - 23 Dec 1927)

There are a lot of conflicting documents on E. B. Peddinghaus. For example, many documents show he was born 23 Jul 1861 and yet, the 1860 US Census says he is 10 months old in June of 1860. His death is documented at 23 Dec 1927 and yet there is an entry for him in the 1928 Birmingham, AL, city directory.


1861 Jul 23
Colchester, New London, CN, Alabama death certificate, Edward Bennen Peddinghaus is born to John Martin Peddinghaus and Maria G Newton.
Harvard University school catalog, published 1884, says Peddinghaus has been
a photographer since 1881 and is in Brooklyn, NY
1879 - 1882
Brooklyn, NY city directory NO Peddinghaus is listed
1882, 1883, 1886
Augusta, GA, city directory Pedderhaus NOT listed

Atlanta, GA, city directory lists Montgomery L Cormany as photographer at 712 Broad
Augusta GA, city directory is NOT available for reference
Augusta, GA, city directory Peddinghaus as photographer at 712 Broad; res same; M L Cormany has left Augusta and moved to Duluth, MN
1889, 1891
Augusta, GA, city directory as photographer with Hall and Peddinghaus at 712 Broad; bds same; Harry C Hall living and working as photographer at same address
1892, 1895
Atlanta, GA, city directory Peddinghaus NOT listed, Harry C Hall is operating the Augusta Art Gallery at 512-517 Jarvis - C bldg.
1897 Nov 11
Eutaw (AL) Whig and Observer, says Peddinghaus studio opens branch in Eutaw, Al, named Peddinghaus and Corwin, apparently to be operated by C T Corwin
1898 Apr 21
Eutaw (AL) Whig and Observer says Corwin is leaving Eutaw for Greensboro, closing the branch office on the 15th of May

1896 - 1906
Birmingham, AL, city directory as photographer at 2018 First
1906 Mar 21
Montgomery (AL) Advertiser news item mentions Peddinghaus as president of the Southern Tri-State Photographic Association, Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi
1907 - 1912
Birmingham, AL, city directory as photographer at 1818 w Second
1912 Jan 16
Washington County (AL) News item tells of Second street studio lost in fire in Birmingham, AL
1913 - 1916
Birmingham, AL, city directory as photographer at 2024 First av
1917 - 1922
Birmingham, AL, city directory as photographer at 1918 ½ Third av
1923 -1924
Birmingham, AL, city directory as photographer at 308 ½ Third av
Birmingham, AL, city directory NOT in business pages; Peddinghaus has apparently closed his own studio and is working for other photographers

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Birmingham, AL, city directory as printer for R T Boyette
1927 Dec 23
Birmingham, AL, state records, E B Peddinghaus dies at age 66
Birmingham, AL, city directory as photographer with wife Louise B; res 1224 s 29th ; probably an error as the city directory probably went to press before knowing of Peddingham’s death

The photograph at the top might have been done around 1896 - 1906, probably closer to 1906 because of the variance in the card size from most cabinet cards.

Eutaw (AL) Whig and Observer - 11 Nov 1897

Eutaw (AL) Whig and Observer - 25 Nov 1897

Eutaw (AL) Whig and Observer - 21 Apr 1898

Tuscaloosa (AL) News - 23 mar 1906

Pensacola (FL) Journal - 24 Mar 1906

Atlanta (GA) Constitution - 10 Apr 1907

Washington County (AL) News - 18 Jan 1912

Not the one you were looking for? Here's the photographer's INDEX by name. Listed here are all the Cabinet Card photographers of the 19th century found in LOST GALLERY. This is a work in progress. For a look at the original postings go to LOST GALLERY.


  1. I have a cabinet card with the name Peddinghous successor to Cormany, Augusta, GA on the back and Peddinghouse in script on the front and 712 Broad Street, Augusta, GA on the front. I am trying to date the photograph of a woman named Eliza, possibly Sara Elizabeth Jones from Abbeville County, South Carolina.

    1. I'll look into it. This page needs a bit of expansion anyway. I'll leave a note here If I find anything new.

    2. Looks like your cabinet card was done in 1888 or late 1887. Cards during that time would be imprinted "Successor to Cormany" By 1889 he had partnered with Harry C Hall. I will include your card on this page if you send a good scan or photograph including the edges to the email address shown in the profile. (near the bottom of this page)


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