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Edward Burton Hinman

Photographer: E. B. Hinman
Pittsburg, Kansas

Photographer:E. B. Hinman
Pittsburg, Kansas

Edward (Ned) Burton Hinman
(27 May 1854 - 25 Aug 1922)
born in Grove, La Salle, IL
1860 - 1868
US census family has moved to Hawleyville, IA
1870 Jan 20
family now in Neponset, Bureau, IL
1870 Aug 18
family now in Clarinda, Page, IA
1874 Fall - Mar 1877
Partners w/ O. H. Park in Clarinda, IA
marries Emma Jane Farnum in Clarinda, IA
US census as photographer in Clarinda, IA
from Emma Farnum obituary Hinmans move to Pittsburg, KS
1897 Dec 31
Pittsburg (KS) Daily Headlight Hinman studio catches fire
wife Emma dies in Frontenac, Crawford County, KS
US census in Pittsburg, KS, as Organ Salesman
marries Effie Killough Walker in Pittsburgh, KS
Pittsburg, KS, city directory as salesman

Pittsburg, KS, state census as music dealer
US census in Barker, AR, as life insurance salesman
dies in Evansville, Washington County, AR

The records show that E. B. Hinman was a photographer in Clarinda, IA, from about 1875 to 1889.

His wife Emma dies after they have moved to Frontenac, KS. Fontenac is actually the north part of Pittsburg, KS, where he will live from 1900 to 1905. He is never again listed as photographer.

He works as a salesman for musical instruments and then life insurance. It is speculation only, but it looks like he was photographer in Pittsburg, KS, only for a short time between about 1888 and 1903. And perhaps he continued in photography as a sideline while he worked in the music business.

The style and stock of the cabinet cards here indicate much earlier production, in 1866-1880 but since he was apparently not in Pittsburg, KS until about 1900, perhaps he was using up some old stock.

photographer E B Hinman
Pittsburg, KS
example from auction site

photographer E B Hinman
Broadway, Pittsburg, KS
Unknown source

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  1. How do you upload a photo to this page? I have one of E.B. Hinmans photos with my grgrgrandma and two other ladies. It is marked 4th st. Pittsburg KS
    Grgrgrandma name was Sarah E. Greene (Haskins)

    1. Send a good scan to; I will add it to the page.


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