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Edward David Zellner

Photographer: E. D. Zellner
Junction City, Kas.
See also: Pennell and Zellner

More examples at Kansas Historical Society

Edward David Zellner
(Dec 1867 - 12 Oct 1936)

E. D. Zellner engaged in several businesses over his lifetime. He seemed to maintain his photography business most of the time from 1890 to about 1920. He was at the same time a cigar maker and a Billiards Parlor operator. He raised pigeons, chickens and rabbits and still maintained a photograph business and Post Cards. It is difficult to tell which business was his side business. His photography business was most often just for the sale of postcards which were called “Views”, taken of the surrounding area, mostly at Fort Riley, KS.

He partnered with Joseph Judd Pennell for about two years, 1890-1891. Then he partnered with Williams for most of the other ventures lasting up to 1900. No mention of Williams was found after 1900 except ads for the Fort Riley “Views”. No other information is available on "Williams" as of Sep 2017.

The grocery business, including pigeons, rabbits and chickens seems to dominate his business life after 1910 although he still gives his profession as photographer on the Kansas census of 1915 and the US census of 1910 and 1920.

Except for the short period of the partnership with J. J. Pennell, it will be difficult to date any photographs from E. D. Zellner. The generic photographs of Fort Riley sold as “Views” were apparently reprinted several times.

Born in Junction City, KS
in Atchison, KS working at 409 Commercial, profession not given
marries Elenora C. Roth (1870-1963)
begins partnership with J J Pennell (probably sometime late in the year)
1891 Mar 07
news item Zellner opens studio over Post Office in Junction City, KS
news item Pennell buys out E. D. Zellner
1893 Nov 25
news item Zellner opens a “Holiday and Variety” store called “The Fair”
news items Williams & Zellner cigar makers
1899 May 12
news item 12 cab cards prize at school field day. Cigars and Views ads on same page
1899 July - Nov
news ad weekly Williams and Zellner, photo gallery at Ft. Riley, Ks, and as cigar makers

US census as photographer Junction City, KS
Jul - Aug ad for photograph made at 25 cents, Junction City, KS
1900 Aug 03
news item Williams & Zellner take over studio in Junction City, KS
Kansas census as photographer at Junction City, KS
US census as photographer at 201 e 14th, Junction City, KS
Kansas census as photographer in Junction City, KS
Junction City census, shows ten in his family and no other details
US census as photographer at 201 E 14th, Junction City, KS
Kansas and US census as grocery merchant 201 E 14th Junction City, KS
US census as grocery merchant 201 E 14th, Junction City, KS
death at 68 in Junction City, KS

Joseph Judd Pennell

Source: The University of Kansas Libraries University of Kansas Libraries=ksrlead/ksrl.kc.pennelljoseph.xml

BIOGRAPHY of Joseph Judd Pennell

The son of a confederate soldier, Joseph Judd Pennell was born March 9, 1866 in Kings Creek, North Carolina. When he was about 18, his father's business failed and the family could no longer afford the cost of private education in the North Carolina schools. A cousin returning from a trip to Kansas told of the good public schools in Kansas, so the decision was made to leave North Carolina and settle in Kansas.

In his first years in Kansas, Joseph Pennell worked as a carpenter making coffins for an Abilene undertaker.

His first venture into the business of photography began in March 1888, when he bought a half interest in a Junction City studio owned by L.A. Ramsour.

After a year of work in the studio he quit to travel through the countryside making photographs in his "photo car", probably a wagon with a darkroom set up in it. A year of touring the countryside gave him the desire for a more stable and permanent business, so he returned to Junciton City and entered a brief partnership with S.D. Hopkins.

At the end of a year, he opened a studio in partnership with Ed Zellner, whom he bought out two years later in 1893.

In 1898, he married Edith Stanley and their only child, Joseph Stanley Pennell was born in 1903.

As a photographer, Pennell was a success in both the business and the photographic world. His business grew enough for him to have a new studio built in 1907. The building is still in use in Junction City.

Along with his business success, Pennell achieved recognition and awards for his photography. His work was shown at the World's Fair in 1893 and at the St. Louis Exposition in 1904. It was also published in photographic journals and in popular magazines of the time such as Munsey's and Ladies Home Journal.

Pennell was active in his community, serving on the Board of Education, the Chamber of Commerce and in organizations such as the Rotary Club and Knights of Columbus.

Pennell continued to operate his studio until his premature death by blood poisoning at the age of 56 on April 3, 1922. His widow, Edith, kept the studio running for about a year, after which the negatives went into storage. Subsequently, the negatives became the property of Pennell's son, Joseph Stanley Pennell, the author of two novels based on his family history and life in Junction City, The History of Rome Hanks and The History of Nora Beckham.

Over the years, many of Pennell's classic photographs have made their way into print and on television, including a shot of a Junction City bar that became part of the opening credits to NBC's comedy series, "Cheers," which was set in a Boston bar.

See Cabinet Card example on the page for J J Pennell

Following are a just a few of the ads and items featuring the various enterprises of E D Zellner, found in local newspapers of the time.

13 May 1890

06 Dec 1890

14 Feb 1891

01 Mar 1891

16 May 1891

01 Aug 1891

30 Jan 1892

02 Jul 1892

29 Jan 1892

25 mar 1893

25 Mar 1893

25 mar 1893

25 Nov 1893

09 Dec 1893

03 Feb 1894

12 May 1894

02 Jun 1894

02 Feb 1895

12 Feb 1897

05 Mar 1897

02 Apr 1897

30 Apr 1898

09 Sep 1898

09 Sep 1898

30 Jun 1899

30 Dec 1899

09 Aug 1899

09 Feb 1900

05 Mar 1900

22 may 1900

12 Oct 1900

26 Mar 1909

26 Mar 1909

17 Feb 1911

15 Jan 1914

20 Dec 1914

21 Apr 1916

29 Apr 1916

10 Jul 1916

11 Dec 1916

18 Jul 1917

08 Apr 1918

photographer: Zellner and Pennell
Wakefield, KS
from website Who Were They?

photographer: Pennell and Zellner
cor 7th and Wash., Junction City, KS
example from Kansas State Historical Org

photographer: Zellner
over Post Office
example from Kansas State Historical Org

photographer: Pennell and Zellner
cor 7th and Wash., Junction City, KS
example from Kansas State Historical Org

photographer: Pennell and Zellner
cor Seventh and Washington, Junction City, KS
unknown source

photographer: Pennell and Zellner
cor Seventh and Washington, Junction City, KS
unknown source

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