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Edwin Russell Winans

Cobleskill and Middleburgh
New York

Edwin Russell Winans
(20 Jul 1861 - 6 Mar 1917)

1861 Jul 20
born in Westford, Otsego, NY
US census at 18 working as farm labor at Roseboom, NY
marries Emelyn Buckley in Oneonta, NY
Genealogy of Cleveland Families as photographer in Oneonta, NY
US census at 38 as Artist at 757 Main, Oneonta, NY
Winsted, CN, city directory as Portrait Artist at 19 High; wife Emalyn B. Winans listed as Chiropodist at same address
Winsted, CN, city directory Edwin Winans listed but no occupation. Wife Emelyn shown as “removed to New York State.”
Cleveland, OH, city directory as salesman
US census as salesman of motors in Cleveland, OH; wife Emelyn and daughter Grace listed at same address
death at 55 in Oneonta, NY

An Edwin Winans was also an engineer in New York, NY, from about 1876 to 1884 but this is probably not the photographer as in 1876 the photographer was only 14 years old. From 1888 to 1889 an Edwin Winans worked “treadles” in New York, NY.

The only two mentions of photography is in an 1899 genealogy narrative of Cleveland, OH, families and the 1900 US census where he is listed as “Artist”.

From 1909 on to his death in 1917, Edwin Winans is listed as salesman in Cleveland, OH.

Was there more than one Edwin Winans? Possibly. It Is the Superman/Clark Kent example again. While Salesman Edwin is found, where was Photographer Edwin?

The only available documents make it look fairly certain that Edwin was a photographer from 1899 through about 1907.

Some cabinet cards are imprinted from the studio of Mereness and Winans. Mereness was a photographer from about 1871 to 1900. The partnership with William H. Mereness was probably early on as Mereness died around 1900.

This cabinet card was probably done around 1900 but before 1907.

Photographer: Edwin Winans
Example from

Photographer: Edwin Winans
Example from auction site

photographer: Edwin Winans
Ford Block, Oneonta, NY
example from auction site

Reverse of the card on the left

photographer: Merenes and Winans
"Elite Photographic Studio"
Ford Block, Oneonta, NY
example from auction site

reverse of the card at the left

photographer Mereness
Oneonta, NY
example from auction site

reversse of the cdv at the left

photographer Edwin and Winans
Ford Block, Oneonta, NY
example from auction site
(unusually close-up, for the times)

reverse of card at left

photographer: Winans
Ford Block, Oneonta, NY
example from auction site

photographer: Winans
207 East High, Jefferson City, MO
example from pinterest
(No connection has been made to Winans of NY. Also this may be a doctored image.)

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