Sunday, September 3, 2017

Elbert Otis Daggett

E. O. Daggett
Elm Street
Billings, Missouri

Elbert Otis Daggett
(25 May 1869 - 26 Mar 1946)

It’s a bit of an assumption but there must have been only one person named E. O. Daggett living in the south-west corner of Missouri between 1860 and 1910. That stated, although several records were found for Elbert Otis Daggett, nothing ever confirms that he was a photographer. In the 1910 US census, he is recorded as being an insurance adjuster and all other records found say he was a farmer.

There was a family of Daggetts living in and around New York State but there is no indication that any of them travelled west. In the family was a “photographist” E. Daggett found in the 1870 Nunda, NY, city directory, but it is unlikely he might have traveled to Billings, MO, at any time. He is also noted in the 1875 New York state census as “Artist” with a son G. E. Daggett. No E. O. Daggett in their tree.

So if Elbert Otis Daggett is the right person, it must be concluded that he was a photographer for only a short time, probably around 1910, when he was open to being something other than a farmer. Caution: this is all speculative.

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