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Ferdinand J Steinborn

Photographer: F. J. Steinborns
Cor's Fond du Lac Ave.
28th & Center Sts.

Ferdinand J Steinborn
(23 Oct 1851 - 1924)

All information comes from US Census, newspaper ads and city directories.

F. J. Steinborn spent his whole life in Wisconsin, mostly in Milwaukee. There were periods when one or more of his sons worked in his photography studio together, hence the name on this cabinet card, “Steinborns”

born in Lebanon, WI
(newspaper ad) started studio
Hermann F Steinborn is born
Arthur Paul Steinborn is born
Paul Bernard Steinborn is born
Ferdinand as carpenter at 2006 Fond du Lac
as photographer at 268 Water; with Herman (son)
as photographer at 28th & Fond du Lac av; with Herman (son)
as photographer at 28th & Fond du Lac av

1897 - 1898
as photographer at Fond du Lac & Center
1899 - 1916
as photographer at 1033 28th
1917 - 1921
as photographer at 1033 28th w Arthur & Paul at 2725 Fond du Lac studio
1922 - 1924
as no occupation at 1033 28th w Arthur at 2725 Fond du Lac studio
Ferdinand dies; Arthur at 2725 Fond du Lac studio
1930 Feb 21
(newspaper) Arthur at 2661 n 27th
1942 - 1947
Arthur as photographer at 2661 n 27th

(newspaper) Steinborn Photo Studio, 2661 n 27th

This cabinet card could have been made during the period when Ferdinand and sons Arthur and Paul were working with him in 1917 - 1921. But more likely it was made in 1895-1896, when the studio address was termed “28th and Fond du Lac Avenue” or as the cabinet card puts it “Cor’s Fond du Lac Ave. 28th & Center Sts.” It is the intersection of three streets which is still there today.

Arthur carried on the business into the late 1940s but the records are incomplete after that.

photographer Steinborn
cor Fon du Lac and Center Streets
Milwaukee, WI
from the collection of KEN on Flickr

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