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Frances Marion McKinley

F. M. McKinley
Gatesville, Texas

Frances Marion McKinley
(16 Jan 1861 - 8 Mar 1948)
Only one record establishes F. M. McKinley as a photographer in Gatesville, TX, the 1900 US Census. After that, all documents show him as a farmer in Lampasas, TX. The 1880 US Census says, at 19, he is a shepherd.

Two news items (below) show McKinley apparently worked in Osage and Waco, TX also. And group portrait cabinet card at the right shows he also worked in Moody,TX.

The cabinet card at the left was probably done between about 1890 and 1900.

Waco (TX) Morning News - 19 Sep 1893

The Waco (TX) Morning News - 19 Jan 1894

Gatesville, Waco, Osage and Lampassas are within about a 40 mile radius.
Example source uninown

This is an enhanced crop of the bottom edge of the small child portrait cabinet card showing the name and location of the studio. F. M. McKinley, Gatesville, Texas

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