Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Frank Elmer Hewitt

Photographer: Frank Hewitt
Nunda, N. Y.

Frank Elmer Hewitt (14 Nov 1865 - 10 Apr 1946)

Born at Dalton, Livingston, NY
(US Census) age 5, living in Nunda, NY
(1900 US Census) Marriage to Carrie Adeline Marshal (1871-1954) In Nunda, NY
(US Census) two sons born in Oakland, NY
(US Census) as photographer in Nunda, NY
(city directory) as photographer in Corning, NY
(US Census) as photographer in Corning NY (60 miles from Nunda, NY)
(City Directory) partnered with son Fred in Corning, NY
(city directory) as photographer at 136 Pine, Corning, NY
(city directory) as photographer at 136 Pine, Corning NY
Death in Corning, NY

It may be important to note that Dalton, Portage, Nunda and Oakland, NY are all within a four mile radius, almost like one small, rural town.

This cabinet card must have been done before about 1902 and after about 1890.

photographer: Hewitt
Nunda, NY
example from auction site

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