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Fred B Dolbear

Photographer: F. B. Dolbear
Marysville, Ohio

Fred B Dolbear

All newspaper items from Marysville Journal Tribune, Marysville, Ohio
1873 Mar 02
( at Marysville, Ohio.
1892 Sep 01
(Newspaper) Takes over O. T. Barbour studio
1893 Oct 12
(Newspaper) Mention as photographer
1893 Dec 21
(Newspaper) ad for Christmas photographs
1894 Apr 29
(Newspaper) Dolbear for fine photo work (ad)
1896 April 09
(Newspaper) Dolbear in Cleveland studying new styles and processes in photography.
1896 July 16
(Newspaper) Dolbear attended the photographers’ convention in Columbus yesterday

1897 Oct 07
(Newspaper)Wedding announcement for Oct 12 to Josephine Cameron
1898 April 28
(Newspaper) Mention photographing a parade in Marysville
1898 Oct 24
(Newspaper, Ancestry) Baby Girl Elizabeth born to Fred and Josephine.
1899 Sept 28
(Newspaper) F. B. Dolbear offered position with Winton Motor Carriage Co.
1900 Mar 04
(Find-a-Grave site) Death from tyhoid fever at age 27

Obit from Find-a-Grave:
“Fred worked for Winton Auto Company, one of the first companies to make automobiles. He died of typhoid fever when he was just 27 years old. He married Josephine Cameron and they had one daughter.”

No mention of his seven years as photographer

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