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Frederick W Streit

Photographer: F. W. Streit
30 Juneau Ave.
Milwaukee, Wis

Here is a paragraph from a website called LinkstothePast taking the Frederick W. Streit biography up to about 1874.

Photographic artist, was born in 1842, in the Rhine Province; he studied and practiced photography in the City of Trier, Germany from 1862 to 1865; emigrating then to America, he located in Chicago and practiced the art there until 1874, when he came to Milwaukee and became successor to C.M. Haase in his present studio at No. 320 Third street.”

There is some confusion in the records after that, there being more than one F. W. Streit in Milwaukee, WI, at the time and his first and second name or initial were switched often. And there was also a Charles Haase and a Charles Hasse, both photographers, both residents of Milwaukee, WI, at the same time. But there is a fairly clear picture of when F. W. Streit, the photographer, was working (and living) at 30 Juneau, Milwaukee, WI.

Frederick W Streit
(Jul 1842 - 1919)

born in Rhine Province
1862 - 1865
as photographer in Trier, Germany
1866 - 1874
as photographer in Chicago, IL
1875 - 1877
as photographer at 333 Third, Milwaukee, WI
as photographer at 517 Walnut
1879 - 1886
as photographer at 320 Third
1887 - 1904
as photographer at 30 Juneau
1905 - 1906
as photographer 793 Third; res same
1907 - 1909
as photographer at 720 Third; res same
as photographer at 1066 15th as William F

as no occupation at 1066 15th
as photographer at 1066 15th as Fred W
1913 - 1919
as no occupation at 1066 15th
No listing after 1919

Most of the time line was assembled from city directory listings. Although the name changed often from Fred William, to W. Frederick to Frederick W. and some other variations, the continuity held consistently through the addresses and the result seems fairly accurate.

This cabinet card must have been finished between 1887 and 1904.

photographer: F W Streit
30 Juneau Av, Milwaukee, WI
probably finished between 1897 and 1904
example from auction site

photographer: F W Streit
320 Third Street, Milwaukee, WI
example from auction site

reverse of card at left

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