Sunday, April 14, 2019


Lee of York, NE
and Stromsburg, ME

This card is imprinted
Lee at York, NE
Lee at Stromsburg, NE
The 1910 US census lists:
H Lee at Center City, NE
Alex Lee at Bryant, Fillmore, NE
Clifford W Lee at Plainview, NE
Albert Lee at Union, NE
Margaret M Lee at Omaha, NE

All of these small towns, with the exception of Plainview, NE, are within 100 miles of York, NE.
York, Stromsburg, Center City and Bryant are about 30 miles apart.

Without a first name, it is difficult to tell which Lee in this list, if any, did this card.

photographer Lee
York, NE
example from auction site

Not the one you were looking for?
Here's the photographer's INDEX by name. Listed here are all the Cabinet Card photographers of the 19th century found in LOST GALLERY. This is a work in progress. For a look at the original postings go to

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