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George D Wakely

Photographer: Wakely & Cobb
McKinney, Texas

Wakely seemed to move around a great deal, it appears his partnership with Cobb lasted from 1893 to 1897.

Also listed under Cobb

George D Wakely
(26 Nov 1836 - 22 Apr 1922)

Nearly every document sets Wakely’s birthdate differently. The date settled on here is from The “England & Wales, Non-conformist and Non-Parochial Register 1587-1790” which seems to make the most sense.

Other dates are:
1823 - Pioneer Photographers of the Far West (Peter E. Palmquist, ‎Thomas R. Kailbourn)
1837 - England census 1841
1837 - England census 1851
1843 Dec - US census 1900
1832 - US census 1910
1832 - US census 1920
Abt 1832 - Texas death certificate

There is little doubt that it is all the same George D. Wakely, however. His accomplishments and endeavors along with his known locations seem to tie it all to one person.

Timeline sources:
All data from US Census or City Directories. All news items are from the McKinney Democrat unless otherwise noted. The book “Pioneer Photographers of the Far West” - Peter E. Palmquist, ‎Thomas R. Kailbourn contributed some early dates and locations (Indicated in the timeline by “PPFW”)

born in England (see previous comment)
PPFW as ambrotypist, photographic stock dealer in Chicago, IL
PPFW some evidence he lived in New York, NY
PPFW as photographer, Leavenworth, Kansas
1859 Aug 16
PPFW with Thorn Star, an acting troupe, leaves with family for Denver, CO
1859 Oct 20
PPFW opens ambrotype gallery across from theater in Denver, CO
Kansas territory census shows Wakely in North Clear Creek, Arapaho County, KS, which becomes part of Colorado on 29 Jan 1861 when Kansas becomes the 34th state in the US
1861 Jul 18
PPFW photographs Mademoiselle Carolista in tightrope performance in Denver, CO
1862 May
PPFW begins building new studio; completed the following month.

PPFW In Colorado at Montgomery, Blackhawk, Empire City, Garden of the Gods, Monument Valley
1864 May 19-20
PPFW Wakely photographs the flooding of Cherry Creek in Denver
PPFW closes Denver, CO, gallery and travels to Washington, DC
PPFW publishes photographic series as Stereographics: National Capital of US and Smithsonian
arrives in US according to the 1900 US census (If accurate, it was obviously for the second time)
PPFW operates photograph stock depot at 518 Walnut St Kansas City, MO, until about Nov 1871
PPFW Omaha, NE as photographer
PPFW as photographer in Leadville, CO
1886 Mar 25
Wakely was in Galveston according to a news item in the Galveston Daily news
marriage to Etna Lawrence in Collin county TX

1888 Feb 11
Waco Daily News Item Selling pianos at store in Waco, TX
1888 - 1889
as traveling salesman for Goggan and co music
1890 Mar 27
news item as photographer in McKinney TX
1891 Feb 05
adv selling pianos and organs in McKinney

McKinney Democrat
05 Feb 1891

This example found on an auction site.
Note it is the same chair as in the
LOST GALLERY cabinet card at the top of the page.

McKinney Democrat - 3 May 1894

McKinney Democrat 18 Mar 1897

1893 Jun 01
adv Wakely’s Gallery, McKinney TX
1894 May 03
adv Wakely and Cobb in McKinney, TX
PPFW Texas State Gazetteer as photographer with Cobb
1897 Mar 18
news item Wakely and Cobb dissolves partnership
1897 Nov 25
news item Will Pennington works for Wakely at Gallery
1898 Jul 09
McKinney Daily Courier news item Selling house, leaving McKinney
1898 Nov 24
news item adv new location in McKinney
1899 May 20
McKinney Daily Gazette Photographer in Metz Building
1900 Jun 02
McKinney Gazette adv Photographer in Metz Building
1900 Jun 11
US census as photographer in McKinney, TX
1900 Jun 14 adv
as photographer in Metz building McKinney, TX
1901 Sep 26
news item takes job as salesman, Gallery in charge of Mr. Sharp
1903 Jan 16
adv Wakely’s gallery McKinney, TX
1903 May 28
news item as photographer, in McKinney, TX , “13 years”
1903 Jun 04
news item, returns to Plano, TX after visiting family
adv as McKinney Studio in “Wakely’s old Place”

1910 Apr 26
US census as photographer in Colgate, OK
1910 Sep 20
Ada Evening News news item “Wakely, Coalgate photographer on way to Sulphur, OK”
1920 Jan 26
US census as photographer in Dallas, TX
1922 Apr 22
dies in Dallas at age 85 after being hit by a train on Apr 20. Note: Ada news item says he was run over by a car.

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