Monday, September 4, 2017

George A Harman

Photographer: Harman & Verner
Cor. 4th & Washington Ave. Bay City, Mich.

George A. Harman

born in England
partners with Verner at 212 Water, Bay City, MI
Harman & Verner at 910 N Water
Harman & Verner at 914 N Water
Harman & Verner at 4th & Washington or 924 N Washington
1912 May 17
George A. Harman dies of arterial sclerosis at age 58 in Gerrish, MI
1912 Nov 01
James C. Verner dies of heart disease at age “54 years, 4 months, 24 days” (from Find-A- Grave website) in Bay City, MI

This cabinet card would have been finished sometime between 1889 and 1911.

It is interesting to note that Harman and Verner died just three months apart.
See James A Verner

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