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George Robert Gamble

21 Main Street, Champaign, Ill

George Robert Gamble
(Mar 1845 - 29 Nov 1928)
The available records are a bit sketchy for this photographer. Documents seem to indicate more than one George Gamble is involved because he appears to have moved around a lot and was married at least three times. But the records indicate a George R. Gamble working seven years as a photographer in Champaign, IL, and that seems fairly accurate.

The 1870 US Census lists George Gamble as a Farmer living in Limestone, Kankakee, Illinois
The 1880 US Census lists no occupation and living in Center, Indiana.
Documentation shows that from 1883 to 1900 he is listed as photographer in Champaign, IL.
In 1911 he is in San Diego as photographer until his death in 1928

At first it seemed that there might have been at least three men named George R. Gamble. But then some unusual ties began to develop.

Some of the items below may not apply to the photographer here but, then again, maybe they do.
1845 Mar
G R Gamble was born
US census both parents dead, living with Albert Chipman family in Yellowhead ,IL
1868 Dec 03
marries Elizabeth L Kratz
news ad as grocer in Coshocton, OH
US census as farmer in Limestone, Kankakee, IL
son Roma Gamble born in Ohio
daughter Marilla born in Ohio

1878 Jan 02
marries Ella A Anthony in Delaware, IN
US census as no occupation in Center, IN
wife Ella Anthony dies
US Census of 1900 shows Gamble married Sarah Elizabeth Davis this year
news item from the Girard (KS) Press, divorce suit by Sarah H. Gamble
1884 Mar 27
son Frederick Grant Gamble born in Frankfort, IN
1890 Apr 24
Democrat Standard (OH) Mrs George Gamble mention in Newark, OH
1891 Apr 18
Salem (OH) Daily News item mentions George Gamble is ill with la grippe
1891 Dec 29
Salem (OH) Daily News item mentions George Gamble is off work
1892 Feb 08
Salem (OH) Daily News item mentions George Gamble is back at work
1892 May 24
Oakland (CA) Tribune Mrs Maria Gamble of Alameda sues for separation
1895 Jul 04
New Philadelphia OH Daily Times news item marriage license for George R Gamble and Carrie E. Gray
1900 Jun 05
US census as photographer at 103 n University av, Champaign, IL

1903 May 09
Tuscola, IL Mattoon Daily Journal George R Gamble sells hotel that had two fires
1906 Nov 20
New Philadelphia, OH Daily Times news item about arrest of George R Gamble and speculates that it is the same person that once lived in New Philadelphia, OH
1908 Jun 15
Las Angeles Herald news item George R. Gamble arrested in CA on arson charge in Toledo, OH
1908 Jul 28
Indianapolis, IN News item George R. Gamble in Bellfontaine, OH, sentenced to three years imprisonment in State Penitentiary
1908 Oct 04
Chicago Inter Ocean news story on George R. Gamble mentions photography and burned studios in Champaign, IL
1909 Mar 24
Cincinnati, OH, Enquirer news item says wife of George R Gamble has died from grief
1910 Apr 12
US census as photographer, inmate at Columbus, Ohio Penitentiary
1920 Jan 05
US census as no occupation in San Diego, CA; now claiming to be from Scotland
1928 Nov 28
dies age 83 in San Diego, CA

The cabinet card here was probably done around 1900.

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photographer Gamble
Champagn, IL
Example from auction site

photographer Gamble
Champagn, IL
Example from auction site

photographer: Gamble
Champagn, IL
example from

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