Friday, September 8, 2017

Merritt Craig Stanton

Photographer: Stanton
Ground Floor Studio
Fort Wayne, Ind.

Merritt Craig Stanton
(25 Jul 1870 - Feb 1959)

All facts on Stanton are from US Census, city directories, newspaper mentions and Social Security application.

born in Rensselaer, NY
as photographer at 70 e Main, Amsterdam, NY
as printer, bds at 68 e Main
1891 - 1893
(newspaper) as photographer 164 Calhoun, res same, Fort Wayne, IN
1894 Aug 25
(newspaper) Stanton Gallery in Fort Wayne, IN, now managed by Ed Perrey
1895 Jan 15
daughter Ruby born in Port William, Clinton, OH
1895 Jan 15 - 1900 Feb 22
in Port William, Clinton, OH
1896 Nov 30
daughter Mary born in Port William, Clinton OH

1900 Feb 22
daughter Martha born in Port William, Clinton, OH
1900 Jun 1 - 1928
as photographer at 26 ½ s Fountain, Springfield, OH
1930 Apr 23
as photographer at 128 s 4th st, Marysville, OH
1940 Apr 01
no occupation at 310 w 4th st, Marysville, Union, OH
1950 Nov 14
portrait of Merritt and Rosetta
dies in New Jersey

This cabinet card must have been finished between 1891 and 1894.

Fort Wayne Sentinel
24 Aug 1894

Fort Wayne Sentinel
27 Mar 1894

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