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Harry A Jarrard

Photographer: Jarrard
86 Calhoun Street
Fort Wayne, Ind.
(note: See Miner & Dexter listings at 44 Calhoun Street, Fort Wayne, Ind.)
On the reverse is written very lightly
Sabastian Onoger

Harry A Jarrard was found in the US Census four times, 1880, 1900, 1910 and 1920. At each of these enumerations, he couldn’t seem to remember his own age exactly and in the 1920 count even the location of his birth moves from Indiana to Ohio. Those dates are correspondingly, 1858, 1851, 1852 and 1864. But all other facts match: family, location, occupation.

There are several items in Indiana newspapers about Harry Jarrard and his wife Emma.

His death still remains undocumented exactly. He was still alive for the 1920 US census which was enumerated January 05 of the year. He must be presumed deceased by Feb 05 1921 when his wife was advertising her own studio, which she had not done before. Although Jarrard’s last will and testament was written and witnessed 21 Aug 1919, it was not registered in probate record until 18 Mar 1924 three years after his death.

Note also when dating work by Jarrard studio, the imprinted name probably continued after his death while his wife Emma was running the studio. The changing studio addresses should probably pinpoint the date.

Harry A. Jarrard (Feb 1853 - 1920)

born in Indiana
(US Census) In Elwood, Madison County, IN
1885 Sep 13
(Newspaper item) new studio “over Eckart’s meat store”
(Newspaper item) Fort Wayne Sentinel says opened gallery in Huntington
1888 Feb 14
marriage to Emma Short in Allen County
(Fort Wayne city directory) photographer at 66 Calhoun St.
1890 - 1896
(Fort Wayne city directory) photographer at 86 Calhoun St.
(Fort Wayne city directory) photographer at 2 E Columbia Street
(US Census) photographer at 2 E Columbia St. (later number changed to 102 E Columbia St.)
(Fort Wayne city directory) photographer at 2 E Columbia St.

1903 - 1907
(Fort Wayne city directory) photographer at 607 Calhoun St.
1907 Mar 28
(Newspaper item) opens additional gallery in Monroeville, IN, Saturdays only
(Fort Wayne city directory) photographer at 102 E Columbia
(US Census) photographer at 102 E Columbia
1918 May 02
(Newspaper item) working at “Swain Gallery”
1919 Aug 19
actual date the last will was written
1920 Jan 03
(US Census) as photographer at Brookville, Franklin County, IN
1921 Nov 10
(Newspaper item) Emma Jarrard advertises her own studio
1929 Feb 14
(Newspaper item) notice of death of wife Emma, Feb. 5 in Chicago

The cabinet card at the left was probably done in 1886 before his move to 88 Calhoun Street.

photographer: Jarrard
86 Calhoun Street, Fort Wayne, IN
example from James Agnew on Flickr

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