Thursday, September 7, 2017

Harry Olivant

photographer: H Olivant
Hennessey, OK.

The above cabinet card is a slightly enhanced version. To see the original, click on this picture and on the resulting page, scroll down.

Harry Olivant
(27 Oct 1856 - 12 Sep 1916)

born in Rudgeley, Staffordshire, England
Kansas census as farmer living in King City, McPherson county, KS
US census as farmer living in King City, McPherson County, KS
city directory - living in McPherson, KS
father dies in Hennessey, OK so Harry is probably living there now
moves to Apache, OK, sometime in these years, according to obituary
US census as photographer in Apache, OK, living at the home of his brother George
dies in Apache, OK, age 59

These cabinet cards were probably finished between about 1893 and 1910.

photographer: H Olivant
Hennessey, Okla
Hennessey (OK) News - 1916

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