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John M Gregory

Photographer: J. M. Gregory
Bet. 8th & 9th (8)10 Market St. Louisville, Ky.

John M. Gregory was found in lots of Louisville, KY, city directory listings. Connecting biographical information to this timeline was difficult. Where he was born and where he grew up was unknown. But finally in the 1880 US Census there was a photographer at 105 4th street in Louisville, KY, but the enumerator had incorrectly listed his name as James Gregory.

Here is a timeline including street addresses which may aid in dating some cabinet cards. There are some, thus far, unexplained absences. Did he locate in a different city? Was he ill? When he returns to business in Louisville from these absences, he is at a new address.

Note also that in all city directory mentions, he is apparently living and working at the same address.

(1870 & 1880 US Census) Born in Kentucky
(1870 US Census) No address given, Living alone.
1871 and 1872
(Louisville, KY, city directory) at 78 Main
(Louisville, KY, city directory) at 114 Market or 144 13th
Louisville, KY, city directory not available

1875 - 1877
(Louisville, KY, city directory) Not in these directories
1878 - 1880
(Louisville, KY, city directory) at 105 4th street
1880 Jun 07
(US Census) at 105 4th street
(Louisville, KY, city directory) at 105 4th street
Louisville, KY, city directory not available
(Louisville, KY, city directory) at 613 W Market
1884 and 1885
(Louisville, KY, city directory) Not in these directories
1886 thru 1892
(Louisville, KY, city directory) at 810 W Market
(Louisville, KY, city directory) at 810 W Market and 904 W Market
1894 to 1900
not in these directories
And no mentions in any census after that.

There is an 1863-1865 Civil War draft registration for a Johnson Gregory, Artist, age 21, of Daviess County, KY (120 miles from Louisville). Name, location, age and occupation are close.

Another possible connection found was a listing in a Jefferson County (Louisville) death register. There was a JohnSON M. Gregory, of 1020 Market, Louisville, who died 15 Aug 1893. Cause of death was some kind of poisoning, from which he suffered 10 days.

The register also says he was buried at Cave Hill Cemetery, 17 Aug 1893. A Find-a-Grave listing agrees with all of that. The age given is 52, three or four years off the Census version which are often off by at least a year. JohnSON is also listed on the death register as married. No other document so far agrees with this.

Was he married? There is a record of a JohnSON M. Gregory and Fannie J. Harris marriage on 9 Feb 1881. This would coincide with one of John Gregory’s changes of address in Louisville. This possible marriage does not seem to last as in the next available city directory listing, John M. Gregory is single again. Or perhaps the marriage never happened at all.

The cabinet card at the left must have been done between 1886 and 1893 when he was at 810 Market Street in Louisville, KY.

Not the one you were looking for? Here's the photographer's INDEX by name. Listed here are all the Cabinet Card photographers of the 19th century found in LOST GALLERY. This is a work in progress. For a look at the original postings go to LOST GALLERY.

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