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John R Potter

J. R. Potter
323 Main Street
Buffalo, New York

John R Potter
(Feb 1840 - 1909)

J. R. Potter worked in Buffalo, NY, for his entire career but he moved a lot and changed associations often. He also worked for other photograph studios as well as his own.

born in New York.
photographer working with (or for) W M Knight
1865 - 1866
employed as photographer, studio unknown
working as clerk
1868 - 1871
employed as photographer, studio unknown

photographer as Potter and Spooner at 305 Main
photographer at 19 E Seneca
photographer, Potter and Knight
1875 - 1876
photographer, Hamblin and Potter
1877 - 1878
employed as photographer, studio unknown
photographer with W M Knight
1880 - 1881
has own studio 256 Main
1882 - 1891
has own studio 323 Main
1893 - 1895
employed as photographer, studio unknown
1896 - 1898
has own studio 252 Main

1899 - 1900
has own studio, 153 Broadway, corner of Broadway and Michigan
employed as photographer, studio unknown
1902 - 1908
has own studio at 444 Main
Dies in Buffalo, NY

The cabinet card shown here must have been finished between 1882 and 1891.

photographer J R Potter
323 Main, Buffalo, NY
example from auction site

reverse of card at left

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