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Alfred Baer

Photographer: Baer
Baraboo, Wis

reverse of the card at the left

Photographer: Baer
Baraboo, Wis

Photographer: Baer
Barraboo, Wis

Photographer: Baer
Barraboo, Wis

Alfred Baer
(1853 - 1934)

Sources: City directories, US and State census,,

1853 Feb 07
Horgen, Zurich, Switzerland, Alfred Baer is born to Carl Baer and Barbara Gattiker
Arrival in the US according to US census 1900 and 1910
Baraboo, WI, US census Alfred Baer at 17, living with Gattiker family
1873 Mar 04
Janesville (WI) Daily news item says J A Tice has opened a gallery in Watson’s new block on West Milwaukee street
1875 Nov 17
Janesville (WI) Daily Gazette, news item mentions Alfred Baer is working at Tice’s gallery; J A Tice was a “photographist” in Janesville, WI, from about 1870 to 1880
(see Tice timeline at bottom of this page)

Baraboo, WI, (from Baer worked at William Lathrop studio, La Crosse, WI; no confirmation on this fact could be found
1880 May 25
Sauk County, WI, state records, Alfred Baer and Emily Bosshard are married
1880 Jun 08
La Crosse, WI, US census, Alfred Baer as photographer, living with in-laws
1880 Oct
Baraboo, WI,, (see below) Alfred Baer opens gallery at 323 Oak st
1885 Jun 20
Baraboo, WI, state census, Alfred Baer no occupation shown
1892 Oct
Baraboo, Wi, (see below) Alfred Baer sells gallery at 323 Oak to Arthur T Johnson
1895 Jun 03
West Concord, MN, state census, Alfred Baer as photographer (Wife and three children listed)
1897 Dec 03
Date of naturalization in US

1900 Jun 01
Kenyon, Goodhue, MN, US census, Alfred Baer as photographer; res Main st
1905 Jun 26
Kenyon, Goodhue, MN, Minnesota Territorial census, as photographer
Red Wing, MN, city directory Alfred Baer as photographer; NOT listed in business pages
Red Wing, MN, city directory Alfred Baer as photographer, Opera House blk, Kenyon; res 3 south of 5th
1910 Apr 25
Kenyon, MI, US census, Alfred Baer as “Own income”; res Forest st (Baer has probably retired about this year)
Kenyon and Red Wing, MN, city directory, Alfred Baer NOT listed in res or business section
Red Wing, MN, city directory, under Kenyon, Alf Baer, no address or occupation shown
1934 Mar 21
Kenyon, MI, state records, Alfred Baer is dead at age 81

There were many references to an Alfred Baer, physician, and an Alfred Baer, clergyman, but no connection could be made to the photographer.

No guess on the age of this cabinet card. If further information turns up it will be added here.

Janesville (WI) Daily Gazette - 17 Nov 1875

Minneapolis (MN) Star - 11 Feb 1924

Wisconsin State Journal - 09 Feb 1924

Wisconsin State Journal - 03 Mar 1925

Minneapolis (MI) Star Tribune - 23 Mar 1934

Minneapolis (MI) Star - 23 Mar 1934

Alfred Baer
(Note: there are buttons on both sides of the coat so that it can be buttoned right over left or left over right.)
page image from Baraboo Public Library .com

photographer: ALfred Baer
Baraboo, WI
Examples from the collection of Kay Kirkland Martin, Alfred Baer’s great-great granddaughter.
Note he is wearing the same coat in he photo just above, buttoned left over right.

reverse of card at left
Very faint imprint says:

The cabinet card at the left is presented in this unusual cross-stitched mat and folder.
(actual size 7.5 X 10 inches)

Written on reverse: "Grandpa Baer, about 20 -?"

A note from contributor Kay Kirkland Martin:

"I inherited my personal collection of Alfred Baer’s photographs from my father, Kenneth Clayton Kirkland, Jr. He is Alfred’s great grandson. The collection spans the period from 1873 to 1908 and includes numerous photos of Alfred and his wife Emily Bosshard Baer, sons Louis and Homer, daughter Gertrude, parents Karl and Judith Gattiker Baer, and Alfred’s many Baer siblings and their families. The collection contains examples of photographic work done in Monroe and Baraboo, Wisconsin, as well as West Concord and Kenyon, Minnesota."

photographer: Alfed Baer
Baraboo, WI
example from Kay Kirkland Martin

written on reverse of above card

photographer: A Baer
West Concord, MN
example from Kay Kirkland Martin
Baer was in West Concord, MN, in 1885 (see timeline)

A note from Kay Martin to help date the photograph at the left:

"I wonder if these might be a group of graduating senior girls? The reason I say this is because the girl pointing to the butterfly resembles Alfred’s daughter-in-law, Zella Charlton. Zella later became Louis Baer’s wife. Both Zella and Louis were born in 1881, and would have been 17 years old In 1898. There’s no writing on the back of the card. I’m just guessing that it may be Zella, based on the physical resemblance I see to a later picture I have of her. Louis and Zella married in 1906."

photographer; Alfred Baer
example from auction site
Really poor scan

Jacob Tice

Brief timeline for
Jacob Tice

Janesville, WI, city directory, J A Tice as photographer at 14 W Milwaukee; res 42 Academy; Jacob Tice Jr also bds at 42 Academy
Janesville, WI, city directory, J A Tice as photographer at 16 W Milwaukee; res 42 s Academy;
Janesville, WI, city directory Jacob A Tice photographer at 26 W Milwaukee; res 203 s Academy
Janesville, WI, city directory, J A Tice as photographer at 26 W Milwaukee; res 203 s Academy
Janesville, WI, city directory, J A Tice as photographer at 18 W Milwaukee; res 203 s Adams
Janesville, WI, city directory, J A Tice NOT listed; Frances Tice as widow of Jacob A; res 203 S Academy

photographer: J A Tice
16 w Milwaukee st, Janesville, WI
example from pinterest, no source shown

photographer J A Tice
Janesville, WI
example from auction site

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