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Lorenzo Short

L. Short,

Lorenzo Short
(24 Nov 1847 - Jul 1928)

All data from US Census and city directories.

born in New York
as farmer
as photographer at Division in Kingston
as photographer in Kingston
as photographer at 18 Union
1878 - 1879
as photographer for D. J. Auchmoody
as photographer on Union ave
as photographer at 160 ½ Strand, Rondout, Kingston, NY
1889 - 1892
as photographer at 161 Strand, Rondout, Kingston, NY
1894 - 1900
as photographer at 9 Strand, Rondout, Kingston, NY

daughter Isabella (Belle) begins working at studio
1901 - 1913
as photographer at 9 e Strand and 329 wall, Rondout, Kingston, NY
1916 - 1927
as photographer at 9 e Strand, Rondout, Kingston, NY
1928 death in NY
1918 - 1951
Isabelle carries on the studio at 9 e Strand until she retires in 1952

After her father's death, Isabelle Short carried on the studio under the name Short's Studio.

So the cabinet card at the left could have been done any time between 1873 and 1927 but probably before his daughter Isabella started work in the studio in 1900. That would be about the time the studio name changed to Short's Studio. Their studio was always somewhere in Rondout, a suburb of Kingston, NY.

photographer: Short
9 Est Strand, Rondout, NY
example from auction site
(could have been finished any time after 1894

photographer: Short's Studio
161 Strand, Rondout, NY
example from auction site
(probably finished between 1889 and 1892

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