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William Henry Castor

Photographer: Castor Brothers
Carthage, MO

William Henry Castor
(12 Aug 1854 - 25 Sep 1936)

William H. Castor was a full time photographer. He changed cities three or more times in his career. He was joined temporarily by one of his brothers in 1899 but no records have been found to say how long this lasted. Newspaper items show he worked in Carthage, MO, in the year of 1899 and the 1900 US census also places him in Carthage. Then by 1901 he is in Denver, CO

1855 Aug 12
born in New York, NY
1856 or 1857
Castor family moves to Ontario, Canada, as the 1871 Canada census shows his sister Sarah was born there in 1857. His younger siblings John, Harvey, Godfrey and Ira were also born there.
US census as waiter in a hotel
Marries Stella G. Castor

as merchant in New York, NY (Possible); brothers Ira and Rufus are working as bricklayers in Denver, CO
US census as photographer in Carthage, Jasper, MO
as photographer at 30-33 McClelland blk, Denver, CO
as photographer at 210-213, 1131 15th, Denver, CO
US census as photographer in Denver CO
as manager or proprietor of When Studio, 1131 15th, Denver, CO
as proprietor of When Studio, 302 Barth blk, Denver, CO
as proprietor of When Studio, 405 Barth blk, Denver, CO

1920 - 1925
as proprietor of When Studio, 809 16th, Denver, CO
as proprietor When Studio 405 809 16th, Denver, CO; wife Gertrude M. also listed
as photographer working with Eugene De Forrest at 1744 Telegraph, Oakland, CA; wife as Gertrude M
as photographer in Oakland, CA
1936 Sep 25
dies in San Francisco, CA, at age 82 of Cerebral Thrombosis

Of William’s 8 brothers, only Robert would be the possible brother in “Castor Bros.” and he was in Carthage for sure in 1892. The 1900 US census shows Robert has moved to Perry, OK and William Henry in Carthage, MO, but he was in Denver by 1901.

This card would have been finished between 1892 and 1900 when both brothers were living in Carthage, MO.

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