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Oscar Howard Park

O. H. Park
Clarinda, Iowa

O. H. Park
Clarinda, Iowa

Oscar Howard Park appears to have been a photographer all his life. Also, The American Shorthorn Herd Book, Volume 38, has four notations that show O. H. Park of Clarinda, IA, as a ShortHorn cattle breeder between 1889 and 1891. None of this reflects in any other records.

Of the examples of his work found, none indicated a street address of his studio, only Clarinda, IA.
The cabinet cards here were probably done between 1877 and 1911 when he was not partnered with any other photographer. Since he suffered from an illness and was apparently involved in the cattle business in his later years, the early part of this period is more likely.

Oscar Howard Park
(18 Apr 1853 - 31 May 1911)

1853 Apr 18
born in Clarinda, IA, or Iowaville, IA, depending on sources
GenWeb, family moves to Ottumwa, IA
GenWeb, begins study of photography with H. L. Shaw in Ottumwa, IA
GenWeb, opens gallery in Elden, IA
1873 Fall
GenWeb, returns to Ottumwa, IA, purchases business of H. L. Shaw
1874 Fall
GenWeb, Find-A-Grave, moves to Clarinda, IA, partners with E. B. Hinman
1877 March
GenWeb, sells business to E. B. Hinman and moves to California

1877 late in year
GenWeb, returns to Clarinda, IA, buys out E. B. Hinman
GenWeb, still working in Clarinda, IA, as photographer
1880 Oct 04
GenWeb, marries Mollie Kittle (b 1860 May 25)
1880 Jun 29
US census, as photographer
The Photo-beacon, a book published in 1897, considered Park to be just a “mediocre” portrait photographer.
1900 23 Jun
US census, as photographer
Clarinda, IA, city directory, as photographer
1910 Apr 15
US census, as “Own Income”
1911 May 31
Find-a-Grave, dies of “pernicious Anaemia”

The portrait at the right is thought to be of Oscar Howard Park himself.

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