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Photographer: Richardson & Packard
Lewiston, ME.
(Also listed under PACKARD)

Elbridge Walter Packard
(21 Apr 1870 - 16 Jul 1949)
E. W. Packard was a photographer only briefly around 1893 when he was 23. He had just married Ida Richardson, and Joseph Richardson, a multifaceted businessman became his father in law. By 1896 Packard is working as a salesman and no record after that lists him as photographer.

Joseph Taylor Richardson
(21 Jan 1843 - 23 Sep 1904)

J. T Richardson was the partner of E. W. Packard in 1893 in the photography business. Richardson was also in the shoe, boot and harness business at the same time, partnered with Fordyce C. Farr and George H. Farr, apparently his in-laws.

This cabinet card was probably finished in 1893.

Photographer: J. T. Richardson
Celeste, Texas

This J. T. Richardson is possibly the Joseph Taylor Richardson that was briefly partners with Eldridge Walter Packard but there is no evidence so far, that Joseph Taylor Richardson was ever in Maine or that E W Packard was ever in Texas.

Note that the shape of the card, the banner, font and style of the imprint are all identical with a card of J. B. Stanford. (See example at right.)

Stanford worked in Farmersville, TX, as a photographer between the years 1902 and 1948.

Photographer: J. B. Stanford
Farmersville, Texas

At the left is an example of a cabinet card finished by
Joseph Bismark Stanford,
who was in the photography business the longest of the Stanford Brothers. (See listing under Stanford.)

He lived and worked in Farmersville, TX from 1902 on until his death in 1948.

Note that Farmersville, TX was just 15 miles by rail to Celeste, TX. The rail line no longer exists.

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