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Paris Art Studio

Trimmed Slightly
Photographer: Paris Art Studio
Cassville, MO

While it is possible that Paris Art Studio was operated by several photographers, nothing has been found to document this. Photographers by the names Hisey, and Fields are associated with Cassville, MO, but no connections to Paris Art Studio have been made.

There were several photograph studios named “Paris Art Studio” across the US. Locations included Los Angeles, CA, Yale, MI, Hartford, CT, Washington DC, Buffalo, NY, Minneapolis, MN as well as Cassville, MO.

There were no city directories available for Cassville, MO.

Cassville, MO, is a small town 60 miles south east of Joplin, MO. The population in 1900 was only about 700. Obviously, it could not support a photographer for very long. Advertisements and news items in the Cassville Republican, a weekly newspaper, describe a parade of photographers working in Cassville and then moving on.

Although the name of the photographer who ran the Cassville Paris Art Studio is still not known, it is a safe guess that the studio only operated a short time there. In fact, it was probably there only during the span of the advertisements in the newspaper. From January through April of 1899, Paris Art Studio ran multiple one line ads for cabinet cards at 50 cents a dozen, sometimes four or five to a page. The cabinet card here was probably finished around that time.

The Clinton(MO)Eye - 24 Mar 1894

Clinton (MO) Eye - 01 Dec 1894

Cassville (MO) Republican - 06 Dec 1894

Cassville (MO) Republican - 18 Apr 1894

Cassville (MO) Republican - 06 Dec 1894

Note that this item ran the same day as the item directly above.

Cassville (MO) Republican - 13 Jun 1895

Cassville (MO) Republican - 14 Nov 1895

Cassville (MO) Republican - 02 Jul 1896

Cassville (MO) Republican - 13 May 1897

Cassville (MO) Republican - 07 Jul 1898

Cassville (MO) Republican - 19 Jan 1899

Cassville (MO) Republican - 15 Jun 1899

Cassville (MO) Republican - 06 Jul 1899

(Probably Keeney)

Cassville (MO) Republican - 19 Apr 1900

Springfield (MO) Republican - 25 Jan 1901

Cassville (MO) Republican - 30 May 1901

Cassville (MO) Republican - 28 Nov 1901

Cassville (MO) Republican - 19 Dec 1901

Cassville (MO) Republican - 17 Jul 1902

Cassville (MO) Republican - 14 Aug 1902

Cassville (MO) Republican - 12 Feb 1903

Cassville (MO) Republican - 11 Feb 1904

Cassville (MO) Republican - 12 Mar 1908

Cassville (MO) Republican - 14 May 1908

Cassville (MO) Republican - 16 Jul 1908

Cassville (MO) Republican - 23 Jul 1908

Cassville (MO) Republican - 15 Oct 1908

Los Angels (CA) Herald - 28 Nov 1908

Monett Times - 08 Oct 1920

Monett (MO) Times - 12 Nov 1920

Miami Daily News - 21 Apr 1931

Monet (MO) News - 16 Apr 1937

Not the one you were looking for? Here's the photographer's INDEX by name. Listed here are all the Cabinet Card photographers of the 19th century found in LOST GALLERY. This is a work in progress. For a look at the original postings go to LOST GALLERY.

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