Wednesday, February 27, 2019

George J Ernst

Photographer: Ernst Studio
SW corner
Hampshire and sixth Sts.
Quincy, Ill

There were about a dozen photographers named Ernst in the cabinet card era. Worse, there were two or possibly three men named George Ernst living in Quincy, IL between 1887 and 1900.

George J Ernst
(Mar 1867 - 1902 )

1867 Mar
born in IL
US census in Quincy, IL
birth of sister Anna
Birth of brother Frederick
US census at Quincy, IL
city directory as Ernst and Co at 5th and Chestnut, Quincy, IL

city directory as photographer; res 423 State
NOT in city directory Quincy, IL
NOT in city directory Quincy, IL
marries Ellen B. Eddy
city directory as photographer at 601 1/3 Hampshire (1/3 is correct)
US census and city directory as photographer at 419 State Quincy, IL
city directory lists wife Emma B as widow of George J, Quincy, IL

The only time an address similar to the one on the cabinet card here found was the one in 1896 at 601 Hampshire. 601 would be on the corner of sixth and Hampshire.

photographer: P? or F? Ernst
(Monogram design uncertain)
228 9th Street, Lebanon, PA
example from auction site

photographer: Ernst
27 E King Street, Lancaster, PA

photographer: George Ernst
24 E King Street, Lancaster, PA

All the same photographer Ernst or all different?
Further research in progress.

Not the one you were looking for? Here's the photographer's INDEX by name. Listed here are all the Cabinet Card photographers of the 19th century found in LOST GALLERY. This is a work in progress. For a look at the original postings go to LOST GALLERY.

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