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Samuel Hirst

Samuel Hirst

Photographer: Hirst
21 North Main
Hutchinson, Kas.

Samuel Hirst
(1 Oct 1864 - 3 Nov 1956)

There were three photographers named Hirst in Hutchinson, KS, between 1874 and 1959.

First there was George Hirst and then his daughter Lila. After Lila marries in 1881, George returns to run the studio with his son Samuel. Samuel takes over the studio about 1885 and continues until the years just before his death in 1956. Mysteriously he does take time out to be a traveling salesman according to the US census of 1925, but it is only mentioned that once.

This cabinet card must have been finished between the years between 1889 and 1901 when the studio was apparently at 21 Main in Hutchinson, KS. In 1902 Samuel Hirst has moved to 23 Main.

Cabinet cards from Hirst with other addresses might be dated according to this timeline.

1874 - 1876
Hutchinson (KS) News G. Hirst photographer at “Opposite Hollowell & Co.”
Hutchinson (KS) Herald news blurb Lila Hirst is adept at taking gems
1877 Jul 19
Hutchinson (KS) News studio at “Opposite Enipey and Burrell”
1879 Jan 02
Hutchinson (KS) News G. Hirst retires Lila Hirst runs studio
1881 Dec 26
Hutchinson (KS) Herald Lila Marries G A Woodard
1883 Dec 22
Hutchinson (KS) Herald G Hirst and Son open gallery (“Son” would be Sam Hirst)
1884 Jan 19
Hutchinson (KS) Herald G Hirst and son 2nd floor of Rexroad Block
1884 Nov 08
Hutchinson (KS) Herald small ads for Hirst studio “over post office”
1884 Oct 25 - Dec 13
Hutchinson (KS) Herald small ad for Hirst and Son studio

1886 Feb 19
Hutchinson (KS) News item Sam Hirst has bought Harper studio now Hirst and Anderson
1886 Jun, Jul
Hutchinson (KS) News 16 small display ads for Sam’l Hirst studio
1887 Oct 20
Hutchinson (KS) News Sam Hirst marries Myrta Rogers
1888 Apr 10
Hutchinson (KS) News item studio over Woodards Book Store
1889 May 28 through 1899 Dec 23
Hutchinson (KS) News advertisements for studio at 21 N Main
1897 Jun 21
George Hirst sr dies in Hutchinson, KS
1899 Oct 05
Hutchinson (KS) Gazette Samuel Hirst as Vice president state photographers association
1901 Jun 20
Hutchinson (KS) Gazette small ad for Hirst studio no address shown
1902 Jan through Apr
Hutchinson (KS) News news mentions as Hirst and Bilbrough studio at 23 N Main (Bilbrough is quite likely Sam Hirst’s brother-in-law)

--- continued next row ---

Hutchinson (KS) News several small advertisements late in the year for Hirst studio but none give the address, none mention Bilbrough
Hutchinson (KS) newspapers many mentions of Hirst family but no studio address shown
Kansas State census as photographer; Professional and Amateur photographer vol. 10, Hirst is elected President of the Photographers Association of Kansas
1906 - 1909
Hutchinson (KS) newspaper many mentions in small ads and social events but no studio address shown
US census as photographer, Hutchinson News: Samuel runs for Mayor, loses; no studio ads
Hutchinson (KS) News some display ads in December as Hirst and Stevens but no address shown
1912 July 04
Hutchinson (KS) News display advertisement for Hirst and Stevens studio at 25 n Main st

1912 Dec 03
Hutchinson (KS) News display ad for Hirst (alone) at 8 Main st
Hutchinson (KS) News several small ads for Hirst at 8 Main st
1914, 1915
Hutchinson (KS) News several small ads for Hirst at 8 Main st, A H Wade, proprietor
Hutchinson (KS) News Wade one display ad under A H Wade, Hirst is out
1917 - 1920
Hutchinson (KS) News many social mentions but nothing on Hirst as photographer
US census as photographer
1921 - 1925
Hutchinson (KS) News many social mentions but nothing on Hirst as photographer
Kansas census Samuel Hirst as Travelling Salesman in Hutchinson, KS
1926 - 1930
many social mentions but no mention of Hirst studio in newspapers

1932 - 1939
Hutchinson (KS) News small ads and some display ads for Hirst studio at 414 e B ave, res same
1940, 1941
Hutchinson (KS) News no mention of studio
Hutchinson city directory as photographer at 414 e ave B; res same
1942 - 1956
Hutchinson (KS) News no mention of studio
1956 Nov 3
dies at age 92 in Wichita, KS

Hutchinson News - 30 Jul 1874

Hutchinson (KS) News - 29 May 1889

Hutchinson News - 4 Jul 1912

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