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Franklin Ira Hawkins

Photographer: F. Hawkins
Medina, O.

Franklin Ira Hawkins
(23 Apr 1849 - Aug 1930)

Birth in New York
1969 - 1870
(Waldsmith Directory) as Marvin & Hawkins, Adrian, OH, 38 Maumee St E
(Waldsmith Directory) as Marvin & Hawkins, Adrian, OH, 18 Maumee St E
(Waldsmith Directory) as Marvin & Hawkins, Hudson, OH, opposite Comstock House
1872 - 1873
(Waldsmith Directory) as Hawkins & Cole PHOTOGRAPHERS Hillsdale, OH, on Howell st
(city Directory) In Mansfield, OH, rooming with younger brother Albert John Hawkins also a photographer
(1900 US Census, Ohio Photographers book) Marriage to Emma K. ; living in Medina, OH.
(Ohio Photographers book) in Medina, OH

(US Census) in Medina, OH
(Ohio Photographers book) in Medina, OH
(US Census) in Montville, OH
(Medina city directory) in Medina, OH
(Moline city directory) in Moline, IL with wife Emma
(US Census) in Montville, OH
(Waldsmith Directory) Medina, OH,
(Find-a-Grave) Death in Medina, OH

This time line shows Franklin Hawkins was in Medina, OH, a good part of his career but not always. He apparently moved around a lot. So until more documents show up, he was in Medina, OH, from 1883 to 1891 and then back in 1916.

From the 1916 Medina County Directory

photographer: F S Hawkins
Waynesburg, PA
so far NO connection to Franklin Ira Hawkins has been found

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