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Thomas Pugh Garrett

T. P. Garrett
Bloomington Ills.

Thomas Pugh Garrett
(10 Jul 1846 - 21 May 1933)
T. P. Garrett spent most of his photographic career in Bloomington, IL.

Born in Mill Creek, Delaware
(Newspaper obit) Enlists in Pennsylvania Regiment for Civil War, learns photography
(Newspaper obit) Moves to Ottawa, KS for about 6 months
(Newspaper obit) in photography business in Leavenworth, KS, for about five years
Moves to Philadelphia, PA, briefly
(1880 US Census) living in Bloomington, IL, to partner with A. H. Bell and a man named Mayes.

apparently ran ads almost daily in Bloomington Pantograph
(Bloomington, IL city directory, US Census) as photographer various addresses in Bloomington, IL
1915 March
(Newspaper item) Moves to Medalia, MN, to live with daughter and her husband
(Newspaper Item) Moving to Minnesota to live with daughters
(Newspaper Item) Back to Bloomington. IL, for a visit.
(Newspaper item) Dies in Minnesota and is buried in Bloomington, IL

The Cabinet Card at left must have been done sometime between 1880 and 1913.

Bloomington Pantograph
25 Jan 1882

In the Bloomington Pantograph 09 Oct 1932 During his visit from Minnesota.

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