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Gamaliel C Freeman

Swartz and Freeman

Photographer: Swartz & Freeman
220 Main Street
Dennison, Texas

Gamaliel C Freeman
(11 Mar 1852 - July 1911)

John Swartz
David H Swartz

G. C. Freeman born in Ohio
1880 Jun 08
US census Freeman as artist is in Montcalm, MI
1882 Galveston (TX) Daily News item mentions arrival of G. C. Freeman of Brenham, TX
Columbus, TX partner with David H. Swartz in the photographic firm of Swartz & Freeman
San Marcos (TX) Free Press small “notice” says there is a new photograph gallery in San Marcos, TX, under the management of G. C. Freeman of Swartz and Freeman, from Brenham, TX, adding they will be there only a short time
1883 Apr 26, May 03
San Marcos (TX) Free Press small ads for Swartz and Freeman

1883 Nov 15
San Marcos (TX) Free Press news item mention Swartz and Freeman finding quarters in a new building in Temple, TX
1884 Feb 14
Colorado (TX) Citizen news item Swartz (David) sells out to Freeman
Denison (TX) city directory Freeman NOT in directory; Swartz NOT in directory
1888 Dec 23
Denison (TX) Sunday Gazetteer Swartz (John) and Freeman have new location at First National Bank
Denison (TX) city directory Swartz and Freeman living in Denison, TX
Denison (TX) city directory Swartz (this time John) and Freeman as photographers at 229 w Main
1891 Apr 19
Denison (TX) Sunday Gazetteer Freeman on trip with YMCA group
1891 May 10
Denison (TX) Sunday Gazetteer Swartz and Freeman small ad about “Aristo”

1892 Feb 28
Denison (TX) Sunday Gazetteer Swartz and Freeman have “new” rooms over Brooks’ Grocery
Denison (TX) city directory Swartz not listed at all and Freeman not listed as photographer
Denison (TX) Sunday Gazetteer item shows Freeman now with YMCA
Denison (TX) city directory as secy YMCA, rms 309 Woodard; not in residential section
1901, 1903
Denison (TX) city directory as secy YMCA, 309 Woodard; rms same
1907, 1909
Denison (TX) city directory as secy YMCA, rms 526 Gancy; separate listing as editor of Association News (Monthly) 309 Woodard
1911 Jul
murdered at age 59 in Indian Territory, Bryan County, north of Durant, OK

Sometime after 1880, Gamaliel C. Freeman moved from Michigan to Texas. There he partnered with Swartz (David H) in 1882 working in Texas towns such as San Marcos, Colorado, and Temple. In 1884, David Swartz sells out his part of the business to Freeman. Freeman apparently works alone until partnering with John Swartz. That partnership can be documented in 1888 through 1892.

Freeman quits the photographer business around 1893 to work for the YMCA and never returns. He is murdered in a robbery in 1911 while apparently on a field trip for the YMCA, looking for a boy’s camp location.

Considering the condition and style of the cabinet card here, it was most likely finished between 1888 and 1892 when Freeman was partnered with John Swartz and working in Denison, TX.

San Marcos (TX) Free Press - 19 Apr 1883

Denison (TX) Gazetteer - 28 Feb 1892

photographer: Freeman
(Not clear if this is the same Freeman or not. Writing on face says the subject is from Indiana.)
example from Rescued Photo

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