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Wilkins and Company

Photographer: Wilkins and Company
Brazil, Ind

Wilkins and Company
Oliver Wilkins

1861 Nov 15
Radstock, Somerset England, Oliver Wilkins born
Wirthlington, Somerset, England, as land surveyor; living with parents
US census of 1920 and 1930 arrival in the US
1887 May 04
Knightsville, IN, marriage to Mary McDonald
1907 Dec 19
Brazil (IN) Daily Times item Wilkins has re-opened a gallery over Gonter’s store in Brazil, IN
1912 Nov 20
Brazil (IN) Daily Times item mentions Wilkins in charge of photo event
1912 Dec 11
Brazil (IN) Daily Times item says Wilkins is moving to Greencastle, IN; Greencastle is less than 30 miles from Brazil
1914 Sep 26
Indiana, marriage to Florence H Hudson

1920 Jan 08
US census Muncie, IN, as civil engineer
Bulletin of Photography, Magazine Volume XXVII, Jan 5 to Jun 29, 1921; mentions Wilkins conducted the “Elite Studio” for many years and is now opening a studio in Brazil, IN
1930 Apr 02
US census Brazil, IN, as photographer
1937 Apr 25
Brazil, Clay, IN, Oliver Wilkins dies at age 75

From the scant few documents found describing the life of Oliver Wilkins, this cabinet card could have been done any time between his arrival in the US in 1881 and his death in 1937. He apparently worked as a civil engineer in the US around 1920. He possibly worked as photographer during that period also. He did move around a bit to neighboring towns it seems, but Brazil, IN, appears to be his most consistent residence.

It's a bit speculative but it appears the best time frame for Brazil, IN, would be 1921 to 1930.

Image purported to be of Florence B Hudson, second wife of Oliver Wilkins.
(Net source. NOT in the LOST GALLERY collection)

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