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William E Kingsbury

Photographer: William E. Kingsbury
Sturgeon MO

To date, very few people by the name of W E Kingsbury have been found. There was for example, a minister in Pennsylvania, a salesman in Wisconsin and a candy manufacturer in Texas.

There was however, a William E Kingsbury living in Sturgeon, Boone County, MO, between 1882 and 1891. There was no city directory in that town and no other documents identify him as photographer but logic dictates this must be the one.

The 1880 US census shows him still living with his parents Thomas and Elizabeth, in Sherman, DeKalb, MO.

The 1900 US census shows him as a farmer with wife Marilda, daughter Laura and son Walter in Bourbon, Boone County, MO.

So what places him in Sturgeon, MO?

Both daughter Laura and son Walter were born in Sturgeon, MO, in 1882 and 1891 respectively.

His father Thomas (1819-1900) and second daughter Eunice (1885-1889) are both buried in Sturgeon, MO.

Sherman, Bourbon and Sturgeon, are all within 100 miles of each other in eastern Missouri.

So although no records have surfaced to date, that identify William Kingsbury as a photographer, he was in Sturgeon, MO, between the years of 1882 and 1891. By June 2, 1900, the US census shows he was living in Bourbon, MO, as a farmer.

photographer: W E Kingsbury
Sturgeon, MO
example from auction site

reverse of card at left

photographer: W E Kingsbury
Sturgeon, MO
example from auction site
(Note same chair and backdrop)

reverse of card at left

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