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William H Dinsmore

Photographer: W. H. Dinsmore
Anita, IA
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William H. Dinsmore can be found only once in historical records as a photographer. In the 1901 Waterloo, IA, city directory the name appears under the category “Photographers” as "Dinsmore, W H - Anita.” There are many entries in the US Census, family trees and some other records for W. H. Dinsmore as a “farmer” but nothing to tie them to “photographer” except proximity, age, area and similar name. There are newspaper mentions of W. H. Dinsmore’s of the right age, active in the Iowa area as well as an assortment in every other state except Wyoming, as farmer, minister, sheriff or stock broker. The name is not as uncommon as it first seems.

So, at this time, it is fairly certain that W. H. Dinsmore was a photographer in Anita, Iowa, in 1901. This same one is PROBABLY the “Farmer” Dinsmore in US Census, Iowa Census and Iowa news items but it is only speculation.

Here is a timeline of
W. H. Dinsmore of Anita, IA:
1899 May 8
(Daily Iowa Capitol item) Noted taking photographs at Anita, IA
(City Directory) as photographer in Anita, Iowa
1902 May 24
(Des Moines Leader item) as vice pres of Iowa Photographers
1903 April 16
(Ottumwa Daily Courier item) as vice pres of Iowa Photographers
1911 April 6
(Adams County Free Press item) Mention of W. H. Dinsmore of Anita, attending a Knights of Pythias meeting in Corning, IA
1914 July 6
(Des Moines Register item) W. H. Dinsmore of Anita, IA, is mentioned as a delegate to a state GOP convention

photobrapher: W H Dinsmore
Anita, IA
example from IAGenWeb

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