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Zacharyoes K Urbanowicz

Photographer: Urbanowicz
4852 Ashland Ave.

Zacbaryoez K Urbanowicz had his name rearranged a few times in his lifetime. Whether by intent or misspelling is unknown but the shifting does make his history a bit difficult to follow. He was also ten years younger than most photographers of the cabinet card era.

Photographer: Urbanowicz
4852 Ashland Ave.

Waldyslaw, Zacbaryoez, Zacharias, Zachary, Zachery, Urban, Urbanowies, Urbanowicz was a photographer and later in life, a shoe salesman. In many listings, his occupation, his address or the names of his wife and daughter are all that shows it is the same person.

Chicago, IL, city directories, for many of the years 1916 through 1930, covered only established business categories and mid-town buildings, while residential areas were omitted. Since Urbanowics apparently worked out of his home or for another studio, he does not appear in city directories for most of those years. He was a photographer without a studio most of his career.

In 1913, 1914, 1915 and 1917 city directories and the 1920 US census, he is listed at 4852 South Ashland which was apparently his residence too. In 1928, a rare street by street Chicago city directory shows another photographer is listed at that address.

Zacharyoes K Urbanowicz
(1873 - 28 Feb 1964)

born in Poland
1880 or 1890
arrival in US (depending on source)
as photographer at 4833 s Ashland, Chicago, IL
at 4841 s Ashland, Chicago, IL
as photographer at 4841 S Ashland
daughter Leone born in Chicago, IL

NOT in Chicago city directory
as photographer at 4852 s Ashland
NOT in Chicago city directory
as photographer at 4852 S Ashland; also wife Veronica listed as photographer at 8907 Commercial st.
NOT in Chicago city directory
(US census) at 4852 s Ashland
NOT in Chicago city directory
another photographer is at 4852: Michl and Martha Jelgiwics
no directory available
as photographer at 8907 Commercial, Chicago, IL
at 8907 Commercial, Chicago, IL
as shoe salesman at 8907 Commercial, Chicago, IL
dies in Chicago, IL at age 91

The cabinet card here must have been done between about 1913 and 1920, and certainly before 1928.

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