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John M Waller

Photographer: J. M. Waller
Armstrong, Missouri

John M Waller
(Aug 1863 - 27 Mar 1931)

born in Kentucky
1864 Sep
the Centralia, MO, massacre, civil war
marries Elizabeth G. in Huntsville, MO
son Charles born in Centralia, MO

US census as clothing salesman in Centralia. MO
1908 Dec 1 and 4 and 1909 Jan 18
Columbia MO, ad for Kodak finishing

Columbia Evening Missourian

1909 Feb & Mar Columbia MO, ad for savitar photos

Columbia Evening Missourian

1910 Jan 11
newspaper ad for photographer Waller in Columbia, MO

Columbia Evening Missourian

1910 Apr 13
US census as clothing salesman in Centralia, MO
1911 Jan, Mar, Apr
ad photographer in Columbia, MO 911a Broadway

Columbia Evening Missourian

1919 Apr 25
Higbee, MO news item mentions Waller as Centralia’s leading clothier and photographer from “years ago”
1919 Jun 09
Columbia Evening Missourian news item, son Charles Waller dies in Russia
1920 Jan 20
US census as clothing merchant in Centralia, MO
1929 Jul 29
Columbian (Columbia, MO) News item, Hawkinson family visits Waller Family
1930 Apr 30
US census as merchant in Centralia, MO

1931 Mar 27
John Waller dies at age 68 in Centralia, MO

Moberly Monitor-Index

Continued in next row

Elizabeth Waller Dies at age 92 in Centralia, MO

Moberly Monitor-Index 19 Oct 1965

Of course, it is possible that there were two John M. Waller’s, about the same age, living within 30 miles of each other, one a photographer and the other a clothing merchant. The census seems to follow one and the newspaper ads seem to be about another.

The Missouri towns of Centralia, Columbus, Huntsville, Higbee and Armstrong are all within about a 35 mile radius of each other.

It could also be the same person. Some family trees on seem to think so.

Obituaries for John Waller and wife Elizabeth in the Moberly (MO) Monitor-Index, both describe his career in the clothing business but do not mention photography.

Yet, a cabinet card found in a Waller family tree, if authentic, rather firmly makes the connection. A hand written inscription identifies it as a portrait of a young Elizabeth Hawkinson while the imprint at the bottom of the cabinet card is Waller Studio, Centralia, MO; Waller’s wife photographed at the Waller Studio in Centralia, MO.

photographer: Waller
Centralia, MO

But whether one person or two, the LOST GALLERY cabinet card at the top was probably made between 1908 and 1911, when Waller seems most active as photographer. He might also have kept the studio as a sideline for his entire working career as a clothier.

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