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J F Jacoby

photographer: J F Jacoby
West Liberty, Iowa
Davenport (IS) Morning Star - 28 Oct 1891

Evening Times Republican - 28 May 1900

John Franklin Jacoby
(5 Jul 1858 - 27 Apr 1934)

Only a few small news items were found on J F Jacoby. Then a couple pages of the
Jacoby family history posted by a family member turned up. It's a very nice, detailed accounting of the life of Jacoby.

A copy of one of the pages is at the right.

The cabinet card here would have been finished between 1890 and 1899.

Des Moines (IA) Register - 12 Aug 1906

The connection in the above news item is uncertain. The E C Jacoby here might be C E Jacoby, a brother of J F Jacoby.

Update 29 Jul 2018:
A descendant has confirmed that this would be C E Jacoby. "You are correct in that the E. C. Jacoby mentioned in the article on the drowning of Glen Jacoby (John Franklin Jacoby's middle son) was Charles Edward Jacoby, Glen's uncle, J.F. Jacoby's brother. Another article erroneously said Glen was the son of C.E. Jacoby. Glen did live with his uncle for a short period of time including, I believe, at the time of the drowning."

photographer: J F Jacoby
West Liberty and Columbus Junction , IA
Example from pinterest, no source given

The following cabinet cards are by D B Jacoby of Minnesota. No connection has been made as yet to the Jacoby who worked in West Liberty, IA.

Further research is required.

photographer: Jacoby
Minneapolis, MN
example from auction site

photographer: Jacoby
St Peter, Minnesota
example from auction site
NO connection has been made to J F Jacoby yet

photographer: Jacoby
Minneapolis, MN
example from auction site

photographer: Jacoby
252 Nicollete Avenue, Minneapolis
Example from T Conrad on Flickr

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