Monday, September 3, 2018

George Terrence Hart

Photographer: Terry Hart
What Cheer, Iowa

George Terrence Hart
(1867 - 30 Aug 1932)

George Hart was born in What Cheer, IA in 1867. Different records place him at Washington, Van Buren and then his marriage in 1887 at Sigorney, IA. These rural towns are just a few miles apart.

In 1895 he is found in Oskaloosa, IA, and then in 1910 in Ames, IA. None of the family can be found in the 1900 census so their whereabouts between 1895 and 1910 is not certain. Perhaps this is the period George Hart had a studio back in What Cheer, IA.

He remains in Ames, IA, as a photographer until death in 1932.

His son Atlee Bearl Hart continues on in the field of photography mostly in Ames, IA, also.

photographer Hart (monogram says "G T H"
Monroe Block, Blair, NE
example from auction site

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